'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Trailer #3 Includes Speeches & Vampire Killing

abraham lincoln vampire hunter trailer benjamin walker

20th Century Fox is taking advantage of Memorial Day 2012 to promote its eyebrow-raising genre mashup, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. A new trailer comes attached to the studio's latest press release, which reveals that special screenings of the film that will be held for certain members of the U.S. Navy.

Whereas previous Vampire Hunter trailers (including the red-band theatrical promo) were more action-oriented, the latest clip is heavier on Honest Abe's dictations - including, the U.S. president's famous Gettysburg Address and excerpts from his secret diary in the film (which chronicles Abe's undead-hunting exploits).

Here is an excerpt from the aforementioned press release:

Abraham Lincoln, in the guise of actor Benjamin Walker, who portrays the 16th president in the summer movie thriller ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER, and the film's cast and crew, will visit the sailors serving aboard the Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in June.

As history's most beloved U.S. president and, according to the movie, its greatest hunter of the undead, Walker will be joined aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln by co-stars Anthony Mackie and Erin Wasson, as well as by the film's director Timur Bekmambetov, screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith and producer Jim Lemley. Walker will introduce a special screening of ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER for the thousands of sailors serving on the carrier, and the cast and filmmakers will distribute Lincolnesque top hats, as well as fangs - tools that will help the sailors decide, in the words of one of the film's promotional taglines, if they're patriots or vampires.

In addition, the sailors will receive movie tie-in edition books, provided by Grand Central Publishing, and special graphic novels conceived by Bekmambetov.  The cast and filmmakers will screen the film at two additional bases at undisclosed locations.

abraham lincoln vampire hunter trailer benjamin walker

The 2012 Summer Movie Season is apparently destined to be remembered as a time when bizarre celebrations of American patriotism flooded theaters (among other things). Earlier this month, Universal released its Battleship board game adaptation - which serves up an unabashed salute to members of the U.S. Navy, through the lens of a Michael Bay-style alien invasion blockbuster. Vampire Hunter likewise transforms one of the most beloved U.S. presidents ever into a bearded, axe-swinging, tree-splintering superhero.

Judging by early footage, Vampire Hunter will deliver some nifty 3D filmmaking, along with very stylized recreations of historical events and artifacts (see: Civil War battles with vampire soldiers) - and lots of bloody violence. If the movie is able to replicate the insane momentum of the proceedings in Battleship, this could make for a rousing summer popcorn flick - overcoming any shortcomings in the dramatic portions of the film, be they due to the lesser-known cast or the screenplay by Smith (who's coming off the critically-derided Dark Shadows).

We will find out for certain whether Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is really awesome or... well, really dumb, when the film charges into theaters around the U.S. on June 22nd, 2012.


Source: 20th Century Fox

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