New 'About Time' International Trailer: Time Traveling Can Be Awkward

What if you found out that the men in your family have the subtle ability to travel through time and alter the events of life? Therein lies the basic conceit behind British romantic comedy About Time, the latest feature to come from Love, Actually maestro Richard Curtis.

Today marks the release of a new international teaser for the film, and while it comes in about a minute under the running time for the previously released full UK and US trailers, it still manages to show off plenty of new footage.

The main joke here revolves around a meeting between Mary's (Rachel McAdams) parents and Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), her live-in boyfriend and the film's time-jumping protagonist. As one might expect from this sort of thing, Tim's first encounter with his paramour's mom and dad goes poorly, so he engages his genetically inherited talent, tries it again, and...comes to a similarly disastrous result. In a story where the hero finds himself gifted with the power to erase the awkward, embarrassing, or painful moments of his life, this feels like an appropriately British punchline and probably won't be the only one in the picture.

In between, and serving as the bookend to the clip, is the already-seen bit where Bill Nighy, portraying Tim's father, explains the ins and outs of changing and reliving the past; even that's been slightly expanded on with a rather comical little line that Nighy nails perfectly. What's missing from the rest of the footage is the hint at how Tim's temporal tinkering ends up creating bigger problems than it solves, which - based on the other two trailers - seems to comprise the greater bulk of About Time's plot. Good drama is defined by conflict, after all, but maybe the point here is to showcase the film's sense of humor since its plot has already been more or less established in previous promo footage.

All told, About Time looks like a rom-com well worth investing a couple hours of one's time in, especially if Curtis is working in full-Love, Actually mode. If the film ends up being disappointing, it'll at least serve as a handy marker on Gleeson's budding career (and hopefully show off great performances from Nighy and McAdams). We'll have to wait until this fall to find out for ourselves, though our friends across the pond will be able share their opinions as early as next week when the film opens in the UK.


About Time arrives in UK theaters on August 8, 2013, and US theaters on November 1, 2013.

Source: MSN Movies UK

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