'About Alex' Trailer: Highs of Friendship, Lows of Depression

The trailer for About Alex has no problem making the connection between this new movie and Lawrence Kasdan's 1983 film, The Big Chill. In this millennial update by newcomer writer/director Jesse Zwick, a group of seven longtime friends gather at a vacation house for the weekend, in order to support one of their number after an attempted suicide. During the three-day getaway, a lot of guards get dropped, and desires, fears, and darker emotions all begin to come to the surface, as the friends try to navigate each other (and themselves) through this new phase of adulthood.

This indie dramedy is sold mostly by the cast of actors working in the ensemble. Aubrey Plaza (Park and Recreation), Jason Ritter (The Event), Max Greenfield (New Girl), Maggie Grace (Lost), Jane Levy (Evil Dead), Max Minghella (The Internship) and Nate Parker (Non-Stop) are all "seen them somewhere" faces that have shown upward movement in the last few years. This trailer makes Plaza in particular look like standout performer - with Ritter delivering a lot of the film's heavier moments.

About Alex Movie Trailer (2014)

Overall, this looks like it will be a good watch for those from the 20-to-30 something age range, who also find themselves entering adulthood plagued by the hard realization of what life is, versus what it was imagined to be. As someone who visits a vacation house every year with friends he's known for 15+ years (I'd be the Nate Parker character, 'natch), I'm more worried that this film could hit a little too close to home...


About Alex will be in theaters on August 8, 2014.

Source: Screen Media Films

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