Could The Abomination be an Avengers Villain?

In one of last summer’s Marvel movies, The Incredible Hulk, we got to see the Hulk fight a worthy supervillain in the form of The Abomination whose alter ego, Emil Blonsky, was played by the talented Tim Roth.

SCI FI Wire was in attendance for the Television Critics Association summer press tour this past week and participated in a group interview with Tim Roth who was there for his TV series, Lie to Me. In the interview, Roth could not escape being questioned about his future with Marvel.

In the interview, Roth was asked about his contract with Marvel Studios and if they've approached him about doing more movies with them.

"They have, but in a very different way… I don't want to get into it, but they signed me up for three [films]."

Not surprising considering all of the latest Marvel Studios contracts have included options for multiple films. We saw Samuel L. Jackson sign a whopping 9-picture contract which will undoubtedly see him have roles in every upcoming Marvel film for the next few years. We also know that Scarlett Johansson has a multi-picture deal and will likely have an appearance in the Avengers film after her Black Widow makes her debut next summer in Iron Man 2.

Roth was then asked for more detail on whether his talks with Marvel were for future Hulk installments and/or for a role in Avengers, and he responded only by saying, "It could be anything."

Well, he’s sure keeping in tune with his co-star from The Incredible Hulk, Edward Norton, who’s been tight-lipped about his future with Marvel as well. No confirmations or denials from either which makes me hopeful to see them both return.

Could the Abomination be one of the villains to appear in The Avengers? Or could the talks just be for a future Hulk movie? If Tim Roth were in recent discussions with Marvel, the timing’s a little weird to talk about The Incredible Hulk 2 with all of focus being spent on the many confirmed films currently in development, and since we know it won’t happen till after The Avengers (if it happens at all).

Roth is a talented actor and he played his role perfectly in The Incredible Hulk, helping make it the solid film it was. If he is to come back for more, the character will probably differ from the comics so, like the Hulk, he could transform back to his alter ego, Emil Blonsky.

There’s a ton of questions surrounding the villain of the Avengers team-up film, let alone the roster of heroes which has still yet to be confirmed. Here’s hoping to see Hulk be a part of that.

Where do you think Roth could appear next and are you excited to see him back or is this news just an Abomination?

The Avengers is scheduled for a May 4, 2012 release.

Source: SCI FI Wire

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