'ABCs of Death 2' Red Band Trailer: 26 New Ways to Die

M is for Masticate

[Warning: The above trailer is extremely NSFW.]


A lot of feature length horror movies tend to follow prescriptive formulas, but 2012 anthology film The ABCs of Death shook things up by gathering together 26 directors and giving them total free rein to create a film on the subject of death - provided the film was only a few minutes long. One of the benefits of this approach was that there was something for everyone in the insane and often ridiculous mix of horror and comedy, and if you don't happen to enjoy one chapter then there's a good chance you'll enjoy the next one instead.

The appeal of The ABCs of Death was enough to earn it a sequel with attached directors including Vincenzo Natali (Splice), Larry Fessenden (Habit) and Oscar-nominated short film director and animator Bill Plympton. The 26th director, Robert Boocheck, won his place within the anthology by entering his short film, "M is for Masticate" into an online competition.

Now a red-band trailer for The ABCs of Death 2 has been released, and it doesn't take its red band lightly. Featuring a blend of gore, swearing, more gore, graphic sexual imagery, even more gore and a bit of laugh-out-loud bizarre comedy to cap it all off, The ABCs of Death 2 looks every bit as insane as the first film. Probably not every chapter will be gold, but you can bet that there will be some high points to make it worthwhile.

M is for Masticate

There are a lot of tiny clips featured in this trailer and little context for any of them (to be honest, context probably wouldn't make them any less weird), but highlights include a clip of some unhappy people playing Russian roulette, a stop-motion character having their face ripped off and a warning that what's inside the mattress could be even scarier than what's under the bed.

With 26 creative ways to die from both established horror directors and newcomers, The ABCs of Death 2 definitely looks like worthy Halloween watching for anyone who can stomach it.

The ABCs of Death 2 will be available on VOD from October 2nd, 2014, and will release in theaters a few weeks later on October 31st.

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