Is ABC's 'V' In Trouble?

ABC's 'V' is slated for a November 3rd premiere and for curious fans of the original series, it can't be soon enough to see what ABC has done to it in this latest incarnation.

Yet you may wish to temper your complete enthusiasm for the first season of 'V' because ABC is (as they put it) splitting up the season.

Yes, you read that right.  ABC is splitting up the season.  They're going to run the first 4 episodes in November, leaving the 4th episode as a sort of cliffhanger. This will then set the stage for a mid-season return.


It's all rather confounding.  Apparently there's been a flurry of speculation that the series is having problems of one fashion or another.

The production shut down of 'V' that took place in late August is helping fuel lots of rumors.  The rumors are ranging from the series is dead to what has been filmed will be aired as a mini-series.

Yet ABC and Warner Bros. TV says episode 4 is getting ready to be filmed (mid-October) and then they will go on a holiday hiatus.

Huh?  Did they just say, "No, it's not in trouble, but we're going to take a holiday break months ahead of schedule."?

Any good corporate entity has to put on the smiley face.  And I find it odd that this comes on the tail end of a WGA mediation that ruled that 'V' is a remake, and as such, has to credit the original series creator, Kenneth Johnson.

If I were a conspiracy fan, I'd think someone high up in the production of this new series has issues with Johnson getting any credit, judging from the timing.  But there is absolutely nothing indicating that.  I'm just saying.  It's like earthquakes and super early morning quakes.  It's all just coincidental.

So hang tight gang and be patient.  That's all we can do until they resolve their issues with 'V'.

Your thoughts?

Source:  THR

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