ABC Secures Oscars Until 2020; Emmys Rotate Networks

Oscars 2011 Nominees Winners

ABC has renewed its broadcast contract with the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, keeping the Oscar awards show on the network until at least 2020.

Meanwhile, the Primetime Emmy Awards will rotate between the big four networks.

The last time the Academy signed a new contract was 2005, when ABC secured the rights for the Academy Awards until 2014. The Awards have broadcast on the network every year since 1976. ABC is the only one of the four major networks without a National Football League contract, so the Oscars is the single biggest televised event of the year. Last year it pulled in more than forty million viewers.

In other awards news, the Emmys are to continue their rotation around the major broadcast networks for another eight years. According to Deadline, the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences is close to renewing its contract with ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC - with the show rotating to a different network each year.

Due to the nature of the TV awards, a rotating broadcast system seems to be the only fair wait to distribute the Emmys. The TV Academy has been paid $7.5 million for the ceremony for the last four years, and the Emmys drew 13.5 million viewers in 2010. This year, it will be Fox that broadcasts the ceremony.

primetime emmy awards

One significant change in the Emmy format for the 2011 awards: there will no longer be a category specifically for mini-series. The awards for long format shows (and actors and actresses) will be folded into the main drama categories. The move will likely please broadcast networks - who have long left mini-series to their cable counterparts.

While the Emmy awards contenders won't be announced for a few months, the country waits with bated breath for the Oscars tonight. You can see the contenders here. In the meantime, check out Kofi Outlaw's wrap-up regarging who's likely to win - and who should win.

The Academy Awards will air tonight at 8 PM on ABC. The Emmys will air on Fox in September.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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