ABC Moses Miniseries: Here we go again

Last April when ABC announced a big-budget miniseries remake of The Ten Commandments, it looked like they were going to take a crack at attracting Church-going viewers in April 2006. Of course since then, we've seen the results of NBC's The Book of Daniel which months before the show aired was described both as wanting to "honor and examine" Christianity and as having been "inspired by...'The Passion of the Christ'".

Now although my radar went up as soon as I read about the miniseries, I thought I would dig a little deeper to see what we might expect. I mean I could be wrong, couldn't I?

Fat chance.

Unfortunately (but not suprisingly), I found that we're in for yet another reinterpretive take on the Bible.

So what will we be getting this time around? According to Naveen Andrews, who is a regular on the wildly successful ABC series Lost, and will be playing the role of Ramses in the miniseries:

"What was unusual about the way we did this version of 'The Ten Commandments' was we treated Moses like he was a lunatic. If somebody came and told you today, 'I've just been talking to a burning bush,' you would try and have him put into a hospital, wouldn't you?"

Oh, I don't know... Probably not if I was worshiping gods that had human bodies and animal heads. He goes on to say:

"I think what we've done is question the nature of religious dogma: Who is this vengeful, spiteful, jealous God who urges Moses to commit mass murder at times? And how good is that for mankind?"

Right, as compared what? How the slave-Jews of the time were being treated and subjugated? Perhaps a little refresher is in order concerning how Moses was the sole surviving male of his generation due to mass-murder by Ramses' father.

Source: Netscape Celebrity

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