ABC Moses Miniseries: Here we go again

Now although my radar went up as soon as I read about the miniseries, I thought I would dig a little deeper to see what we might expect. I mean I could be wrong, couldn't I?

Fat chance.

Unfortunately (but not suprisingly), I found that we're in for yet another reinterpretive take on the Bible.

So what will we be getting this time around? According to Naveen Andrews, who is a regular on the wildly successful ABC series Lost, and will be playing the role of Ramses in the miniseries:

"What was unusual about the way we did this version of 'The Ten Commandments' was we treated Moses like he was a lunatic. If somebody came and told you today, 'I've just been talking to a burning bush,' you would try and have him put into a hospital, wouldn't you?"

Oh, I don't know... Probably not if I was worshiping gods that had human bodies and animal heads. He goes on to say:

"I think what we've done is question the nature of religious dogma: Who is this vengeful, spiteful, jealous God who urges Moses to commit mass murder at times? And how good is that for mankind?"

Right, as compared what? How the slave-Jews of the time were being treated and subjugated? Perhaps a little refresher is in order concerning how Moses was the sole surviving male of his generation due to mass-murder by Ramses' father.

Source: Netscape Celebrity

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