FlashForward & 'V' Each Lose An Episode

With FlashForward and V not doing as well in the ratings as ABC had hyped / hoped for, some were worried about their futures.

Rest assured that ABC is committed to the new shows...  just not fully committed.

As the shows line up to return from their breaks, each show is now less one episode than the original tally of episodes slated to be filmed.   This means that when they return from their mid-season breaks, V will only have 8 new episodes and FlashForward will have 14 episodes.

It's nice to see that for the moment, ABC is backing their shows.  I can only hope they stick to this plan as March approaches.

What Is Up With Mid-Season Breaks?

It seems to be the in-fashion thing these days to yank shows and install mid-season breaks.  What's up with that?  Are we going to start getting hit with DVD sales for 2 parts of a season now (a la Battlestar Galactica)?  I'm not sure what I'd do if that were the case.

I feel like I'm getting jerked around by a network that has jumped on this "mid-season finale" bandwagon.

If anything, they're just annoying me and there's a great possibility I just might find another show to watch in the meantime.  Or catch repeats of other shows I didn't have time to watch. All of this can be done before the shows on hiatus come back.

But that's just me.  How do you folks feel about the episode cuts and the mid-season breaks?  Are they just as annoying to you as myself?

Return Dates for FlashForward and V

FlashForward, March 4th. V will be returning to ABC on March 30th.

Source:  Futon Critic

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