FlashForward Gets Full Season Order

Fans of the series, FlashForward, can now watch comfortably without fear of cancellation as ABC has picked up the freshmen series for a full season order.

The series - which focuses on the mysterious event that causes everyone to simultaneously blackout for 137 seconds and "flash forward" to view a moment in the future on April 29th, 2010 - has been performing strong in its time slot with a 3.0 amongst adults 18-49, compared to last year with Ugly Betty garnering just 2.6.

Unlike their struggling neighbor, NBC, whose new shows are not performing as expected (they even canceled the returning Southland before any episodes aired), this marks the fourth new series ABC has picked up for a full season with Cougar Town, Modern Family and The Middle all receiving full season orders a few days ago.

I'm so happy that I can settle in and watch this show. I've been wary of it becoming a "must-see" show because ABC hasn't been kind towards renewing their time-based dramas (Life on Mars, Day Break). Now, with a full season order, this should take us to the April 29th date that everyone saw during the blackout. Although, I have a strange feeling that it won't end there. Especially since the producers said that they would need 3-5 seasons to tell the full story.

Also... I've been really enjoying the Christopher Lloyd-created comedy, Modern Family. There are some tweaks that could be made here or there, but overall it's quite entertaining. Better than the first season of The Office for sure. (Don't get all angry. The FIRST season of The Office was not good. Admit it.)

Don't miss FlashForward Thursdays @ 8PM on ABC

Source: The Ausillo Files

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