ABC Orders '666 Park Ave' Pilot From 'Fringe' Producer

666 Park Avenue ABC

ABC is looking to add a dash of horror to the network’s line up by greenlighting the pilot for 666 Park Ave. A man who knows a thing or two about genre work is heading the potential supernatural series up: Fringe writer and co-executive producer David Wilcox.

The series comes from author Gabrielle Pierce’s novel of the same name, and concerns a young midwestern couple that moves to Manhattan and become the resident managers of an Upper East Side apartment building. Of course, things in the building aren’t quite normal, and after a few bizarre incidents the couple begins to suspect that various things going bump in the night are caused by something far more sinister. It turns out all the residents of the building have realized their goals and ambitions by unknowingly having made a deal with the devil.

On the surface, 666 Park Ave. sounds a lot like ABC is trying to capitalize on the success of FX’s boundary-pushing American Horror Story, but a closer look reveals something more akin to the network’s Once Upon a Time or Desperate Housewives.

Wilcox comes with credentials that include the aforementioned Fringe, and he’s also handled the short-lived Americanized version of Life on Mars and spent some time with Law & Order on NBC, so his involvement certainly suggests there will be a heavy genre element to the series. However, 666 Park Ave is being handled through Warner Bros. and Alloy Entertainment – who produce ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, as well as the CW staples Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle – so if you were expecting Rosemary’s Baby or The Shining, you’ll likely have to look elsewhere.

Rubber Man American Horror Story FX

This shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise, as ABC has done quite well with a line-up of soapy genre programming like Once Upon a Time and Revenge – the latter having received a good deal of critical acclaim. Furthermore, the inclusion of unique twists like fairytale characters and now witches and devils that occupy the titular Manhattan residence will certainly give audiences a well-deserved break from the troubled and dramatic lives of doctors and lawyers who typically inhabit such programs.

Additionally, Pierce’s books, which also include the follow-up novel The Dark Glamour, have been described as a more sophisticated and edgy version of The Vampire Diaries. Perhaps that aspect, and with a member of the Fringe crew onboard, the tone of the series will still find some way to appeal to horror fans.

ABC has been all over the board with the pilots they have ordered so far in 2012. Along with 666 Park Ave, the network has the ambitious sounding, near-future thriller The Last Resort in the works from The Shield creator Shawn Ryan.


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Source: Deadline

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