Marvel Studios Wants to Work With Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight

With Marvel Studios planning to bring two new movies every year, there is more or less a constant flow of discussion on two central topics: which comic book characters might be coming to the big screen next, and which actors should play them. With films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange still entirely open in terms of casting, there are plenty of rumors and speculation as to who might take the lead and supporting roles - and new information suggests that Marvel is interested in finding a role in their cinematic universe for actor Aaron Eckhart.

Eckhart is obviously well-known for his portrayal of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, and his next film - I, Frankenstein - is also a comic book adaptation. Due to his popularity amongst comic book fans, Eckhart's name often crops up in discussions of which actors might be cast in future DC and Marvel roles.

Nuke the Fridge asked Eckhart whether he was planning to work with The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan again in the future. Although Eckhart had no news to offer on that front, he sounded enthusiastic about returning to the comic book movie genre, and was even able to offer a tidbit as to how that might happen:

"I would love to [return to comic books]. Chris hasn't called. You know, I know Marvel and we would love to do something together sometime."

Eckhart was vague on the matter of when he would be working with Marvel and did not indicate that he's currently in formal talks for any of their notable upcoming roles, but his words suggest that Eckhart has had discussions with executives at Marvel, potentially even with Kevin Feige himself, on the matter of appearing in one of their upcoming movies.

Aaron Eckhart in 'I, Frankenstein'

Interestingly, Eckhart also commented on Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Iron Man and used his impressions to explain why he finds it a challenge to take on comic book movie roles:

"I look at Iron Man and I go, 'I would never have played that so well as Robert Downey Jr.' Talk about trusting his instincts as an actor and making Iron Man something that I... I don't look at Iron Man that way, I look at Iron Man or some other movie like that with so much... I'm too literal. I don't have fun like Robert Downey Jr. does. So my sensibilities don't go to that genre naturally."

The tone of the recent Marvel movies definitely feels more fantastical and escapist than the comparatively gritty, serious approach taken in films like Man of Steel and Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, but that doesn't mean that there's no room for Eckhart's "literal" approach in any of the upcoming Marvel projects. There is room to speculate on whether or not he'd be offered a lead role like Doctor Strange or Hank Pym, but each film will also have a wide range of supporting roles to which Eckhart could be well-suited. Speaking of suits - and Eckhart does seem to wear them quite a lot in his movies - could a job at S.H.I.E.L.D. be in his future?

Let us know which Marvel role you think Eckhart would be perfect for in the comments.


Source: Nuke the Fridge

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