Aaron Eckhart To Star In 'Battle: Los Angeles'

Aaron Eckhart has been signed to play the lead in Battle: Los Angeles, a science-fiction action flick to be directed by Jonathan Liebesman (whose biggest project is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning).

The plot of this film revolves around a platoon of marines (commanded by Eckhart) fighting aliens in the middle of Los Angeles...


I’m sold on just the plot alone - adding Eckhart to the mix makes it that much better.

Eckhart is coming off a huge role in The Dark Knight which has grossed only about a billion dollars worldwide... and now he's expected to take on high-profile A-list roles.

Apparently the script for Battle: LA didn't get very high praise so some wonder why he took on this role. I however, do not. While the director certainly doesn't have an impressive resume, I'm not going to hold that against him until I see what he can do with this project.

I'm very happy that Eckhart has received some massive spotlight attention by being a part of Nolan's Batman franchise - he certainly deserves it. I've always been a big fan of his and while continually playing diverse roles, he never fails to deliver a solid performance. I voted for Harvey Dent.:-)

What do you think about this film?

Battle: Los Angeles does not have a start date yet but we're looking at a probable 2010 release.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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