Aardman's Creature Comforts Coming To Television

I'm a huge fan of the folks over at Aardman animation. They're the guys responsible for Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. I wasn't aware that their short film Creature Comforts had been turned into a TV series over in the UK, but apparently it was and has been very successful.

As is often the case here in the U.S. (although most people probably aren't aware of it) this is yet another British TV series is being adapted for broadcast here.

I watched the preview video and although I found it amusing, it wasn't as funny as I expected it to be. My reference point is the Wallace & Gromit shorts and the original Creature Comforts, all of which I absolutely loved. Hopefully the overall show will come across better (although my wife really liked the bits in the video).

In upcoming episodes, interviews with hundreds of ordinary Americans from across the United States cover a variety of subjects, such as the trials and tribulations of doctor's visits and being sick, what animal magnetism is and what they look for in a mate, as well as the truth about lies and what it takes to keep a secret. Told through the mouths of animated animals, insects and other un-human species, they reveal their thoughts in a new and distinct way: an older married couple listing their ailments as portrayed by two lovebirds, the couple who talk about their great height difference as portrayed by two dachshunds, and two men who seem to be examining the bouquet of a fine wine as portrayed by two dogs sniffing, well, another dog.

Click here for a preview of Creature Comforts.

Creature Comforts premieres Monday, June 4th at 8PM on CBS.

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