A Titanic Star Wars?

According to George Lucas, Episode III is going to be a real tearjerker, and I know that lots of you guys who posted in the trailer thread are going to be real excited about that.

He's actually compared it to James Cameron's Titanic, which considering Lucas' recent history directing actual actors... what he just did was give a few hundred film critics cannon fodder for their reviews. Cameron may be an arrogant SOB, but one thing he knows how to do is to combine larger (action/SFX) and smaller (relationships) aspects of a movie into a cohesive whole. I'll be stunned if Lucas manages to create that balance in Revenge of the Sith.

Having said that, I hope he does pull it off. The main problem for me with the prior two films is that I didn't have a sense of connection with Anakin. At all.

But there's always hope...

Source: Reuters

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