A-Team remake: I pity the fool!

Looks like we're about to be treated to yet another remake: A movie version of The A-Team. For those of you youngsters who were in diapers when the TV series was popular, here's a rundown of the original series:

The show starred George Peppard & the hard-to-forget Mr. T. It revolved around the adventures of an unofficial team of Vietnam vets who were wanted by the military for a crime they didn't commit. Plenty of stunts, car chases and explosions ensued while they rescued the scientist/mayor/innocent victim father of the damsel-in-distress of the week while avoiding being caught by the aforementioned military.

As was common for shows from the early 80's era, it started out with a great premise and a fairly serious approach, but within a very few episodes it degenerated into formulaic TV hell. Other shows that followed this pattern included Knightrider, the short-lived The Flash, and numerous others that escape me at the moment.

I mention this because Stephen J. Cannell who originally created the show seems to want to bring the idea back to it's roots and make it a hard-edged action/adventure movie instead of playing it tounge in cheek. Cannell is producing and Bruce Feirstein, who has written a number of recent James Bond films will write this as well.

They will be updating the story since Vietnam era soldiers would be too old for the action I'm sure this will display, and will probably involve terrorism, but that's just speculation on my part.

Plans are to have cameos by some of the original series regulars if possible. I'm sure Mr. T. is at the top of the list.

Keep in mind that a general rule of thumb is that a remake of bad original source material has the possibility to be at least decent... you never know.


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