New 'A-Team' Clips [Updated]

The A-Team clips

[Update: We have even more new A-Team clips to share!]

One of this summer's action movies that I'm most curious about is The A-Team, the modern-day big-screen adaptation of the classic '80s TV series.

The reason I say "curious" is simply because it has just as much potential to suck as it does to be awesome. From what we've seen so far the latter looks more likely, but you never know with movies like this - could end up being good popcorn fun.

To add to the awesome side of the fence, we have four new clips from The A-Team. A couple of the clips showcase the over-the-top action, whilst the other two focus on the character interaction.

Take a look at the clips below, courtesy of MSN and Yahoo:




Update: Check out this series of new (and old) clips, courtesy of Collider:

The more I see of Sharlto Copley (District 9) as 'Howling Mad' Murdock, the more I want to see this movie. I know that may be strange when you've got all the action - and, of course,  the other three members of the Team. But something about Copley's presence here makes me anticipate it even more.

I think the two action-orientated clips solidify the fact that the movie goes beyond over-the-top and into the land of the ridiculous. But in all honesty that was probably the aim and I have a feeling it will end up being a strength rather than a weakness - after all, as Jessica Biel's character says in the latest A-Team trailer: "They specialize in the ridiculous."

What do you think of the latest A-Team clips? Do you agree about Copley standing out and that the action is completely ridiculous (but still fun)?

The A-Team hits theaters this summer on June 11th, 2010.

Sources: MSN and Yahoo

Update Source: Collider

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