A Star Wars TV Show That Networks Won't Buy?

As unbelievable as it sounds, it's true: According to several reports, George Lucas can't find a network willing to air his new, self-financed Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. Lucas says this is a PG-13 style show that doesn't follow the model of the first animated Clone Wars series.

I first heard these rumors from my sci fi fan friends, and when I checked out IMDb, there it was. Lucas is financing 100 episodes of this new series (with animation, this could be at least two to four years worth of episodes). So what will Lucas do to get the animated series on the air?

My first guess would be to put the show on Cartoon Network's mega-successful Adult Swim, and help build the presence and brand there. The other place to air it would be on the Sci Fi channel. If nothing else, syndicate it immediately and allow it to grow.

He is also paying for 100 episodes of the planned live action Star Wars TV series, which guarantees at least three to five years of shows. I'm guessing this one will possibly be syndicated immediately vs. finding life on a network. Not much is known yet about this show, except that it hasn't started shooting yet.

Lucas is pretty busy these days, with Indiana Jones 4 in post-production for a summer 2008 release, the two self-financed Star Wars TV shows, and his planned Tuskegee Airmen movie called Red Tails (which I understand he'll produce and possibly direct). I'm curious which network will pick up the new Clone Wars animated series, and I'm excited about something completely different for Lucas (Red Tails).

Source: IMDb

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