A Remake I Would Support


It was written, produced and directed by Ed Wood (go rent the film of the same name by Tim Burton for some background).

In any case, if ever there was a film that was ripe for a remake, and one of the very few projects I would get behind in this regard, this would be it. But no, the studios are too busy doing remakes of lame 80's TV shows instead.

The cool thing about a remake of "Plan 9" is that it could go in either of two directions: It could be made on a shoestring, with the attempt to recapture the unintentionally funny spirit of the original, or the basic story could be turned into a real horror/sci-fi film. I mean it's got the elements, right? Re-animated corpses, aliens, spaceships...

Come on folks, somebody throw a script together and get busy!

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