Fan Theory Posits A Quiet Place Is A Secret Cloverfield Movie

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place.

A new fan theory suggests upcoming horror thriller A Quiet Place could be a secret Cloverfield movie. While fans had to wait 8 years between the original Cloverfield and its spiritual sequel 10 Cloverfield Lane, the franchise has suddenly gotten very active. After being delayed numerous times, The Cloverfield Paradox suddenly dropped on Netflix to the shock of just about everyone. Sadly, the movie ultimately received a mixed reception due to its messy storyline and lack of tension.

The Cloverfield Paradox may have been a disappointment to many, but the next sequel, dubbed Overlord, is being released this October. The story is set during World War II, and apparently involves soldiers trying to prevent a supernatural Nazi experiment. In keeping with Cloverfield producer J.J. Abrams' Mystery Box approach to marketing, no trailers or stills have been released for the movie yet. Not only that, but apparently a fifth Cloverfield movie called Kolma has already wrapped production; the movie stars Daisy Ridley and will feature a time-travel storyline.

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So while Cloverfield fans will receive at least two movies in 2018, a new article from Dread Central explores a theory suggesting that the upcoming horror thriller A Quiet Place is a Cloverfield film in disguise. The premise of the movie follows a family trying to survive in a world overrun with vicious creatures who hunt by sound; in order to stay alive, the family live in near total silence.

John Krasinski directs and costars alongside Emily Blunt. The high-concept idea and effective trailers have attracted a lot of buzz, but fans have linked it to the Cloverfield series in a few ways. Paramount is again producing, and Krasinski was actually signed on for The Cloverfield Paradox before leaving to direct A Quiet Place instead. The creatures glimpsed in the trailer bear a passing resemblance to those found in the Cloverfield series, and some fans are suggesting the little girl Molly seen in Paradox - whose storyline is never really paid off - may be in fact be the missing daughter of the parents in A Quiet Place. Molly is coincidentally played by an actress named Clover Nee.

While the theory is intriguing for sure, it's based on assumptions and guesswork. That said, given the Cloverfield franchise's knack with marketing, it's certainly possible Abrams could release the movie without telling audiences it’s a sequel, and let the word of mouth spread to create buzz. M. Night Shyamalan pulled a similar tactic with Split, which revealed itself to be a stealth follow-up to Unbreakable during the final moments. The franchise is known for taking promising scripts and repurposing them too, so the theory at least holds some credibility.

On the flipside, previous fan theories incorrectly linked sci-fi movie Life to the Venom film based on circumstantial evidence, which could easily be the case here. It may also be a little messy if Paramount deliver three Cloverfield movies inside the same year. Either way, A Quiet Place looks like a great thriller on its own terms, with or without the Cloverfield branding.

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Source: Dread Central

Key Release Dates
  • A Quiet Place (2018) release date: Apr 06, 2018
  • Overlord (2018) release date: Nov 09, 2018
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