A Quiet Place 2 Reportedly Starts Filming This Summer

A Quiet Place 2

Production on A Quiet Place 2the follow-up to Paramount's post-apocalyptic horror/thriller A Quiet Place, is reportedly slated to begin this summer. A Quiet Place was a hit with moviegoers and critics alike, so it was no surprise when Paramount decided to move forward with a sequel. It is not currently known if anyone from the previous movie will return to star, but John Krasinski, who directed, co-wrote, and starred in the film, has been working on the script for its upcoming continuation. Now, it seems the project will move into production soon, as the film is expected to arrive in theaters next May.

A Quiet Place is set in a post-alien invaded world, where members of society struggle to live after the world is decimated by creatures hunting by sound. In order to stay alive, those who have survived are forced to suppress the use of sound to stay undetected by the creatures. Alongside Krasinski, the cast included Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, Cade Woodward, and Leon Russom. The film focuses on the Abbott family and their efforts to stay alive, while also raising children during the apocalypse. Not much is known regarding what direction A Quiet Place 2 will take, but Krasinski stated that it could focus on a new group of survivors. While details regarding the plot are scarce, they should become more clear as the film nears production this summer.

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According to Production Weekly, filming will begin on A Quiet Place 2 this summer in upstate New York. For context, with the film expected to land in theaters early next year, the original film was also shot in New York with production lasting for nearly half a year. No specific date has been given for when filming will officially begin, but more information regarding the production on A Quiet Place 2 should arrive soon.

While Krasinski has remained tight-lipped about the follow-up, Blunt - his co-star and real-life wife - has stated she knows the basics for the film. Also, despite not sharing specific details, Krasinski has made it clear that A Quiet Place 2 won't be a traditional sequel. In fact, Krasinski originally had no interest in revisiting the alien-invaded world, but Paramount managed to convince him to come back. The success of the first film had a lot to do with his involvement, so his return will hopefully lead to another successful chapter in the series.

A Quiet Place was a standout cinematic experience in 2018, so the sequel certainly has quite a lot to live up to. Whether or not it will answer questions pertaining to events leading up to the first film remains to be seen, but fans will no doubt be ripe with speculation in the months leading up to the reveal of any official plot details. As A Quiet Place 2 nears filming, more details for the film should begin to surface.

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Source: Production Weekly

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