A "Lost" Star Trek With The Original Crew

Ok, I realize I did an April Fool's post about the next movie moving forward with Peter Jackson as director and that the movie would have a young Kirk, Spock and McCoy as characters.

It turns out I was half right.

According to Variety, there will be a Star Trek 11 and it will revolve around the original series crew during their younger days. That in itself is very cool news, as it's the plotline of favor among Trek fans around the world. Of course if it were in the hands of the folks that brought us "Insurrection" and "Nemesis" that would cancel out any excitement.

But Paramount is bringing in fresh, hot blood on this one folks...

J.J. Abrams is set to write, produce and direct Star Trek 11!!

Now you do know who Abrams is, right? Only one of the people behind the wildly popular (and excellent) TV series Lost. Oh yeah, he's bringing along Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk, two of his producers from that show.

Writing duties will be assisted by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who have collaborated on the acclaimed TV series Alias, the Hopkins/Banderas take on The Legend of Zorro, and are currently penning the script for the upcoming Transformers movie. Along with Abrams, they wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Mission Impossible: III (which I now wish I had taken some time to cover). MI:III should give us a pretty good gauge on how good the Trek film will be since the same people are involved in the same roles.

The movie is expected to include both the first meeting of Kirk, Spock and McCoy at Starfleet Academy as well as their first starship mission and is targetted for 2008 release.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I have to go lie down as I'm feeling lightheaded... :-)

Source: Variety

P.S. If only I had picked Abrams instead of Jackson for my prank post!

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