A Look At David Fincher's Animated Film 'The Goon'

A film adaptation of the Robert Powell comic book The Goon was announced in the summer of last year, along with the fact that David Fincher would be producing. Just as a reminder, the film will be CG animated, and even though there's no official synopsis for it yet, the story for the original 1999 comic is as follows:

The Goon tells the adventures of a muscle-bound brawler who claims to be the primary enforcer for a feared mobster. The Goon and his sidekick Franky often get tied up in other machinations, often in relation to the evil zombie gangs. There is a heavy slant on the paranormal.

Even though it was announced at Comic-Con last summer, it was only the poster we got a look at (shown below), and it's only now we get our first proper look at it with some images and concept art. Even though Fincher is only producing and not directing (there's actually no word as of yet who will be helming it), it seems his talent as a filmmaker has seriously rubbed off on the film in general as it looks damn cool.

Check out the images below (click for larger versions):

Look at the sheer detail applied to just about everything we can see (particularly the face of The Goon in the last picture above). Although it is source material I am unfamiliar with, The Goon is an animated film I very much look forward to because of these images and concept art. And having the wonderful David Fincher on-board as a full-on producer (not just an executive producer) doesn't exactly hurt.

Hopefully we'll get a trailer to this one soon, and I have every faith it will just add to how impressive this is shaping up to be.

What do you make of what they've done with this adaptation? Is anyone out there a fan of the original comic book?

The Goon is expected to be released sometime next year, although no official release date has been set as of yet.

Sources: /Film and AICN

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