A Couple of Weekend Box Office Tidbits

As I noted in my review of Sin City, this weekend's box office reflected the fact that it might not go over big with the general public. Sure, it managed to pull in $14 million, but it's off opening weekend by over 50%. I have no doubt it will break even with overseas receipts and that DVD sales will push it well into the black.

As far as I'm concerned the really good news is what happened in very limited release this weekend with Kung Fu Hustle. I absolutely loved this movie, and it pulled in over $40,000 per screen! Compare that to Sahara, the number one movie, which pulled in under $6,000 per screen. Hopefully Kung Fu Hustle will get a really wide release because it would be a real shame if people didn't get the opportunity to see this film.

Thanks to TwitchFilm for the heads up on Kung Fu Hustle's numbers for this weekend.

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