A Blessing Or A Curse: John Stewart Confirmed As JLA's Green Lantern?

With casting for the JLA film rumored to be well under way, news has leaked to suggest the superhero team will be graced with the presence of a Green Lantern - contrary to reports from a few days ago - but that the character will likely be John Stewart. While not officially confirmed, the report derives from casting information in which one black actor is called for, among primarily caucasian males. So, the question is, is this good or bad news? Is a third-tier, supporting Lantern better than no Lantern at all? Could Stewart be the rumored team member to die by the film's finale, leading to a juicier stand-alone Green Lantern film in the future? For once, I'm open to almost anything.

Equal to Iron Man and more than any other superhero property, I've been dreaming of big screen Green Lantern for years. As rumors came and went regarding a Jack Black comedy, typing '' continued to link to the Warner Bros. website and a one-on-one discussion with Geoff Johns gave me hope that a Hal Jordan-Parallax-Kyle Rayner trilogy may have been tossed around, there was always this sense that the character was to remain in development hell for eternity. Even worse, I feared the classic story of Hal Jordan would be disregarded in place of John Stewart who - in my eyes - simply isn't that interesting. Sure, he has the destruction of an entire planet on his conscience... but he'll just never rise above being a supporting character for me.

Having said that, perhaps Stewart's possible inclusion in an ensemble is a blessing in disguise. It allows the studio to do a test run on the Green Lantern mythology but needn't blemish the potential for a full-blown feature film - one which I see as Top Gun meets Superman but with some of the coolest effects ever put to film. With Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman vying for screen time - not to mention the comedic appeal of The Flash - it's a safe bet Green Lantern would be sidelined to some extent anyway, so maybe it's best we don't care and just revel in the eye candy.

Either way, I'm just glad a GL may appear on screen. Following news the JLA would comprise of just five heroes - the core three plus The Flash and Aquaman - I'd almost take Guy Gardner at this stage. Besides, who needs Aquaman? Seriously...?


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