The Ultimate '90s TV Gift Guide

The '90s were a time of amazing pop culture. Those who lived it remember the fun and creativity that went into shows, music and clothing and those who weren't around have now delved into the shows of the '90s, binge-watching Full House and Friends.

This list is full of ideal gifts for '90s TV fans, who long for a time of slightly less advanced technology but shows that brimmed with kooky storylines, wacky characters and wholesome laughs. Whether you're buying for a fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or even Dinosaurs, there's something here for everyone.

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10 Phoebe Buffay Funko Pop

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Phoebe Buffay stands here in her classic bohemian attire, holding her acoustic guitar. She might break into a rendition of Smelly Cat at any moment. This is standard Central Perk coffee shop behavior for the kookiest Friend there was.

This figure can be displayed with other Funko Pops of the Friends, or combined with different television show characters to design your own universe. This is a great gift for a fan of Phoebe, who may benefit from having her on their desk to cheer them on throughout the day. Thought by some to be the smartest Friend despite her whimsical, detached demeanor, this is a must-have.

9 Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Complete Series

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Before there was Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, there was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The show was a campy sitcom with an animatronic Salem the cat, a stand-up comedian playing Aunt Hilda and Melissa Joan Hart starring as the teenage witch.

The series was a hit, spawning memorabilia, books and 7 seasons of magic. The series is packed with cameos by famous '90s stars, including NSYNC, Usher, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Jerry Springer. This is key viewing for anyone who loves the '90s, while offering a sharp contrast to the current Netflix show's style. This set includes all 7 seasons of the original series, plus the movie, Sabrina Goes to Rome.

8 Fresh Prince "Philadephia: Born and Raised" Hat

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This is a replica of the hat that Will is seen wearing frequently on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, paying homage to his origins in West Philadelphia, where as well all know, he was born and raised. The hat is 100% polyester, making it durable and resistant to wear and tear.

It is a 5-panel hat, a comfortable athletic style, and one size fits most. The sides are blue and the front, top and back are yellow, with yellow on top of the brim and blue underneath. "PHILADELPHIA: Born & raised," appears on the front of the cap. This is a great gift for anyone who grew up watching the Fresh Prince do his thing and dreamed of becoming him.

7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game

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This is a strategy game that is cooperative, taking away the competitive elements among friends and placing the competition between the group and the game itself. In this game, players must work together to defeat a Monster of the Week and their minions.

Big Bads roam around the town and heroes move around the board, which is a map of Sunnydale. This is a game with slightly more advanced mechanics and a lot of elements, so it takes a bit of time to learn and is more interesting once gameplay starts. This is a great gift for a Buffy fan who likes a challenge and to stimulate their brain while playing with vampires.

6 Family Matters: The Complete Series

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This is the show that spawned the original utterances of, "Did I do that?" and, "I've fallen and I can't get up!" by Steve Urkel. The iconic '90s character of Urkel is the star of the show, originally meant to be a one-time side character that ultimately ended up charming fans too much to lose him.

The show is wholesome entertainment for all ages, centering around love, coming of age and family values. The show was a hit for its sitcom-style comedy and life lessons within the episodes. This box set contains all 9 seasons of Family Matters and no shortage of laughs.

5 "Not the Mama!" Dinosaurs T-Shirt

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This tee features Baby Sinclair, a common favorite amongst fans of the Jim Henson show, Dinosaurs. The show featured a family of dinosaurs played by giant puppets, who went through all of the classic tropes of family sitcoms.

This was a very '90s-style show, with the use of Henson technology and creations and the focus on wholesome themes and storylines, with a tongue-in-cheek approach. The show also preserved the fascination with fantasy creatures from films and tv of the '80s, similar to Gremlins and E.T. in design. This show is treasured by many and is likely to never be replaced or imitated. The shirt is %100 cotton and a unisex fit, a great gift for a '90s kid or fan.

4 Zack Morris Funko Pop

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When you think of '90s TV heartthrobs, it's tough to let Zack Morris slip your mind. This Pop shows Zack with his slicked-back blond hair and giant white sneakers. He holds a '90s-era cell phone, lovingly referred to as the Zack Morris brick phone by fans.

This phone was used by Zack for many hijinks and master plans - though it also brought him under fire more than once, for having the phone with him at school and getting caught. This figure looks straight ahead while holding a phone down by his side, reminiscent of the moments in Saved by the Bell where Zack would address the home audience directly, or freeze time by yelling, "Time out"!

3 Full House Wake Up San Francisco Mug

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This mug features a Wake Up, San Francisco design, modelled after the talk show hosted by Danny and Becky on the original Full House. The show was later revealed in the reboot to have gone national, renamed to Wake Up, USA.

The mug is white ceramic and holds 11 ounces, a similar size to most average coffee mugs. The shape is classic, exactly the design that you would expect to see popping up on desks around the studio where Wake Up, San Francisco was filmed. This is perfect to give to a fan of the reboot or the original show, as it works as either a little piece of Full House history, or a reminder of the wholesomeness and family values of the first show.

2 The One With All the Recipes: An Unofficial Cookbook

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This book is authored by Teresa Finney, and features recipes under the umbrella of a Friends theme. It includes recipes for various appetizers, brunches, lunches, dinners, desserts and drinks. Each recipe comes with a short blurb, tying the food to the show.

Food and drink were a large part of the series, due to the characters frequenting Central Perk, their favorite coffee shop, as well as Monica's career as a chef. Recipes included will remind fans of iconic moments, like the kiwi-lime pie, to which Ross had a allergic reaction. "Breakup Pizza" references the pizza Rachel orders that Ross will hate, and a cheese plate is modeled after Chandler's slogans like, "Cheese. It's milk that you chew".

1 The X-Files Case Journal

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This officially licensed journal includes 232 lined pages for documenting strange sightings and occurrences - because the truth is out there. It is hardcover, with a bookmark included and each page reads, "CLASSIFIED" at the top.

The design replicates a file from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with Mulder's name scribbled on it. The inner front and back covers contain images of photos paperclipped to the inside, featuring Mulder and Scully - and a suspicious-looking alien form. This is an excellent gift for a student who can't get enough of The X-Files, or a fan who can use it for journalling about their lives (or discoveries).

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