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Steven Seagal in Marked for Death

In the 1990s, Steven Seagal was one of Hollywood’s premiere action stars, churning out cheap but entertaining fare like Out for Justice (1991), Under Siege (1992) and On Deadly Ground (1994). The further we get from Seagal’s heyday, however, the more we seem to learn about his thoroughly jerkish behavior

behind the scenes. He reportedly beat up John Leguizamo on the set of Executive Decision (1996), pushing the comedian against a brick wall and knocking the wind out of him for making a snide remark.

As if that weren’t enough, several actresses have accused Seagal of harassment, with Jenny McCarthy claiming that he told her to take off her dress during an audition for Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995), despite the fact that there were no scenes of that nature in the film. Similar claims have been made by Portia de Rossi, Regina Simons, and Julianna Margulies, with the latter revealing that Seagal brought a gun to one of their “private auditions.”

Though his films continue to provide trashy action fun, it’s pretty clear that hanging out with Seagal in real life is no picnic.

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