15 90s TV Shows That Deserve A Netflix Revival

11Walker, Texas Ranger

Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger

Let's get this one out of the way, because we haven't fully decided whether this is a joke or not. Despite Walker, Texas Ranger never being intended as a comedy, the show has a relatively strong comedic following, largely due to Conan O'Brien's use of the "Walker, Texas Ranger Lever" (if you do not know what that is, definitely google it).

Walker, Texas Ranger starred Chuck Norris as Texas Ranger Sgt. Cordell Walker, a Vietnam War vet, and accomplished martial arts expert (because that's what Texas Rangers are). And honestly, the whole point of bringing back Walker, Texas Ranger is to bring back Chuck Norris. Norris (and his glorious beard) has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon with the many fan created "Chuck Norris Facts" memes. Some of these facts even got Norris's attention, such as one that blames Chuck Norris not appearing on Mount Rushmore on there not being enough granite for his beard.

It is unlikely that Netflix (or any network/service) could seriously revive Walker, Texas Ranger. It essentially would only work as a caricature of itself. But would you not watch that?

Proposed Title: Chuck Norris Doesn't Need a Title 

10Home Improvement

Home Improvement, starring Tim Allen, aired for eight seasons on ABC, finishing in the top ten with viewers each and every season. The series finale of Home Improvement was watched by over 35 million people, making it the twelfth most watched series finale ever. The show went on to be nominated for several Emmy Awards, and Tim Allen took home a Best Actor award at the Golden Globes. With that kind of sustained popularity, Netflix should take a serious look at a Home Improvement revival.

Home Improvement launched the acting careers of both Tim Allen (who starred as Tim Taylor) and Pamela Anderson (who recurred as Tim's foxy "Tool Girl", Lisa). The show focused on the family and professional life of Tim Taylor, the family patriarch and accident prone tool enthusiast. Each episode featured the show within a show "Tool Time", where Tim Taylor and Al Borland (played by Richard Karn) show viewers how to use various tools. Of course, Tim often uses them in dangerous and inappropriate ways.

While Tim Allen was clearly the star of the show, a Home Improvement revival could be used to reintroduce fans to the Taylor children, Brad (played by Zachary Ty Bryan), Randy (played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and Mark (Played by Taran Noah Smith).  While Tarn Noah Smith no longer acts, Zachary Ty Bryan and Jonathan Taylor Thomas occasionally reappear (the latter guested on Tim Allen's Last Man Standing). No better way to get back in the game than by riding the coattails of nostalgia.

Proposed Title: Home Improvements

9Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister with Tia and Tamara Mowry

Sister, Sister aired for six seasons on ABC and The WB, and starred real life twins, Tia and Tamara Mowry. The premise was very similar to that of the Parent Trap. Tia and Tamara were two twins, adopted at birth by two separate families. Following a chance encounter at a department store, their families move in together, so the twins can stay united. The show also starred Jackée Harry as Lisa Landry (Tia's adoptive mother) and Tim Reid as Ray Campbell (Tamara's adoptive father).

Tia and Tamara, despite their appearance, were drastically different. Tia was portrayed as responsible and book smart, while Tamara was impulsive and out for fun. Ironically, Lisa's personality aligned more with Tamara, while Ray, a responsible businessman, had more in common with Tia.

Both Tia and Tamara Mowry have stayed relatively active since Sister, Sister went off the air. Tia most recently starred in the Nick at Nite sitcom, Instant Mom, while Tamara can be seen on the syndicated talk show, The Real. A Sister, Sister continuation could feature the twins in their professional lives, likely in a big metropolitan city. Perhaps they become fashion icons (maybe that's been done by twins before).

Proposed Title: Sister, Sister: Twin City

8Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Best Anthology TV Series

OK, we lied, there was more than one Nick show on this list - but this is the last one. Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a horror anthology series that aired on Nickelodeon for seven seasons. The Canadian series revolved around the tales of "The Midnight Society" who would tell spooky stories around a campfire. The series would include monsters, ghosts, and other paranormal creatures, usually located in some desolate woodland.

This happens to be one of the few shows on the list whose continuation likely would not target fans of the original show, but rather the same age group that enjoyed the series. Why? Because while the themes in Are You Afraid of the Dark? were often mature, they were ultimately meant for a teen audience. Make it too dark, or too mature, and you lose the essence of the show.

Still, Are You Afraid of the Dark? maintains a solid fan base, and is looked at favorably, along with many of the 90s shows on Nick. There is little doubt that many would tune in to see what Netflix could do with campfire horror stories.

Proposed Title: Are You Still Afraid of the Dark?

7Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

There was arguably no teen witch more popular in the 90s than Sabrina (it is a bit of a niche description). Sabrina, The Teenage Witch starred Melissa Joan Hart as the eponymous witch, and focused on her maturation as she learned how to use her gifts. The show aired for seven seasons on ABC and The WB, and also featured Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick as Sabrina's aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman.

Like other shows on this list, the series matured with the title character, and as Sabrina moved from high school, to college, and later a career, the themes aged with her. In addition to exploring Sabrina's maturation as a witch, a significant theme in the show was her love life. Sabrina went through several boyfriends during the series' seven season run, but none was more prominent than Harvey Kinkle (played by Nate Richert).

An easy way for Netflix to continue Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, would be to continue to follow Sabrina and Harvey, but perhaps place equal attention on their children. Maybe they have two children, one turns out to be a witch while the other does not - taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

Proposed Title: Sabrina, Mother of a Teenage Witch

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