Spawn Movie

It’s no secret that comic book movies get better looking each year. Technological effects, like in Spider-Man: Homecoming, are now bigger and brighter than they have ever been. It’s difficult to remember a time when superhero flicks didn’t have jaw-dropping visuals, but if one ever needed

a stark reminder, all you would have to do is pop in a copy of 1997’s Spawn.

After skyrocketing in popularity on page, Image Comics were quick to push out a live-action version to capitalize on Spawn’s success; we just wish they had spent a little more time on making it good.

Besides a boring story and watered down subject matter, Spawn is notorious for having some of the worst visuals of any comic book movie. Today, the effects look completely dated, including a fully generated CG cape that would even the most dedicated Spawn fan roll their eyes in shame.

Let’s hope that when the upcoming reboot starts production, they’ll dedicate a finer eye for the visual details.

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