90 Day Fiancé's Most Talked About Couples: Where Are They Now?

Cheating, lying, breaking the law... are some of the reality show's most controversial couples still together now?

Ever since 90 Day Fiancé debuted on TLC in 2014, the show has produced some of the most talked about couples in the history of reality television. Some may think that the premise of the show is too real, as the contestants only have 90 days to decide to marry or not. If they don't, one of them will be sent back to their home country after their K-1 visa expires.

It's a recipe for drama, disaster, and heartbreak, and the show provides no shortage of all three. The couples on this list are definitely memorable, but for all of the wrong reasons. This list will explore how they are doing now, and if they were able to last despite the show's formula calling for hasty decision-making.

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10 Nicole & Azan (Season 4 & Season 5)

There's a good reason Nicole and Azan were featured on the multiple seasons of the franchise - their relationship is unstable and volatile. Though they have been engaged for years, they have not yet wed. A couple of weeks ago, however, Nicole revealed that the two are "highly likely" to wed in 2019.

The couple has already tried to marry twice to no avail, and also fallen victim to rumors of infidelities on both party's accounts. Maybe third time is the charm?

9 Danielle & Mohamed (Season 2)

Danielle and Mohamed were one of the craziest couples in the franchise's history. Though they were married, Danielle caught Mohamed chatting and receiving money from another woman on social media. After the show concluded, Mohamed left her and moved to Miami.

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Though Danielle initially tried to get the marriage annulled so Mohamed would be deported, she eventually gave in and filed for divorce so he could stay in the country. The couple is not together, and Mohamed now lives in Austin, Texas, where he seems to be flourishing in his new life with his American Akita dog named Bowie.

8 Molly & Luis (Season 5)

Molly first met Luis on a vacation to the Dominican Republic, and shortly after, brought him to the US on a K-1 visa. Though the couple secretly married, the choice was not without issue. Molly's relationship with daughter Olivia deteriorated, and the couple was prone to bickering and fighting.

They divorced in January 2018, after only six months of marriage. Luis is now married to another woman, which occurred only five months after he left Molly. Molly speculates that his new woman might have been pregnant at the time, and it seems like Luis might already be in more relationship trouble after posting a picture on Instagram without his wedding ring.

7 Ashley & Jay (Season 6)

Ashley and Jay's relationship was riddled with problems from the get-go, with Ashley catching Jay on Tinder one day after their wedding. Though she initially filed for divorce eight months after, she decided to give him another chance and rescinded the paperwork. She then caught Jay cheating again, and this time decided to go through with the divorce.

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Ashley and Jay are not together, and there is a warrant out for his arrest. Ashley claims that he will be deported on August 7th unless he flees. She also recently confronted the other woman he had been seeing via phone, where it was revealed that Jay had lied about ever being intimate with her, rightfully angering his ex-wife.

6 Anfisa & Jorge (Season 4)

When Anfisa met Jorge online, she was convinced that he was a rich Californian cannabis dealer. However, it turns out that Jorge was definitely not rolling in cash, which didn't make the volatile Anfisa too happy.

However, amidst the fighting and other drama the couple has endured, they are still together. Though Jorge is currently incarcerated for possession of drugs with intent to sell, Anfisa is sticking by him, and has recently been active on social media and YouTube, where she updates fans on her fitness pursuits. She is now training for a bikini competition, so it seems she's keeping busy while Jorge is away.

5 Nikki & Mark (Season 3)

58-year-old Mark met 19 year old Nikki through an online dating service. The Filipino girl was younger than all of Mark's four kids, but he decided to propose to her anyway, allegedly making her sign a prenuptial agreement before they wed.

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Though the age gap might make them a controversial couple, they are apparently still together, keeping a lower profile than some of the other couples featured in the franchise. They did try to sue TLC for what they considered to be poor treatment from the network, but this suit ended up going nowhere in the end.

4 Narkyia & Olulowo (Season 4)

Narkyia first met Lowo online in a group for plus-sized women, where they bonded instantly. Though Narkyia seemed extremely invested in the relationship, she was upset to learn that Lowo had lied about his background, claiming to be a Nigerian prince. He also told her that his son's mother had passed away, which also turned out to be false. Despite the red flags, they decided to get married anyway.

As of 2018, they are still together! They run a party rentals company based around their self-coined couple nickname, Lowkey. Though they post Instagram pictures of themselves and their happy life, it seems that there is a bit of drama, as Lowo posted a meme in early 2018 that read, "You're gonna lose friends, relationship, and maybe even family but at the end of the day u just gotta make sure u don't lose yourself."

3 Leida & Eric (Season 6)

Leida and Eric may have been engaged after only two days of meeting face to face, but that doesn't mean that their relationship was smooth sailing. Unfortunately, Eric's daughter Tasha was kicked out of her father's house after Leida convinced him to do so, despite her only being a teenager at the time. Leida was also not keen on Eric paying child support to his first wife, Tania, and demanded he receive full custody of his step-daughter Jennica.

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As of 2019, Leida's request for a restraining order against Tasha has been granted, preventing her from contacting her or seeing her in person. The couple was also recently involved in a domestic incident, in which Eric wrestled a knife from Leida in an attempt to prevent her from self-harm.

2 Chantel & Pedro (Season 4)

Though Chantel and Pedro shared a bond after they met each other in the Dominican Republic, their families did not see it the way. Neither one saw eye to eye with the other, the cause for the strained relationship audiences saw between the couple, especially when the feud came to a boiling point after a physical altercation.

Though neither Pedro nor Chantel has posted about each other on social media in a while, TLC announced they were getting their own spin-off that will air in July 2019. Titled The Family Chantel, the sneak-peek of the series revealed that Pedro was attempting to bring his family to Atlanta, much to Chantel's annoyance. Though they are still married now, whether or not they will remain that way seems to be determined.

1 Larissa & Colt (Season 6)

After Colt met beautiful Brazilian Larissa on social media, he decided she was the real deal and the two met in Mexico, where he proposed after only knowing her for a few days. Though they did get married, their relationship, unfortunately, fell apart after Larissa incurred domestic abuse charges in January 2019 as a result of a conflict between the couple. Colt confirms that he did not press charges, but the state of Nevada arrested Larissa, as per the law.

As of 2019, the couple is now divorced after seven months of marriage. They are currently both dating other people, which might be for the best given their tumultuous history on the show.

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