90 Day Fiancé: 20 Couples That Are Still Together

In the last decade or so, TLC has established itself as a powerhouse for reality television. Its shows range from weird to wild, and somewhere in between is the reality romance show 90 Day Fiancé.

The series was controversial from its conception, as it follows the plight of two individuals from different countries who meet each other in the hopes of getting married and receiving a k-1 visa in the process.

This visa would allow the visitor to stay in the U.S. If that's not hard enough, they only get 90 days to figure out if they really love each other.

The show follows the individuals from awkward first encounters to aisle walks or breakups.

Along the way, the inevitable obstacles that come with a deadline marriage present themselves. The couples struggle with cultural barriers, distrusting friends and family members, and their own indecision.

Some couples were able to overcome all odds by breaking language barriers, ignoring their loved ones, and following their hearts. The result of which were many episodes ending with a ring on someone’s finger and a honeymoon.

However, getting married is only the half of it. Some of the couples from 90 Day Fiancé could not make the magic last and broke up shortly after the credits rolled. Others, though, did make it and are still enjoying the relationship that they've created over the course of the five seasons of the show.

With that said, here are the 20 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together.

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Cleveland native Mike met Russian citizen Aziza in season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé through a language acquisition website. Their romance did not start off right away, though, as they first became just friends.

Aziza applied and was denied a work visa in the U.S. Sometime shortly after that, their platonic relationship quickly turned into a budding romance.

Aziza moved to the U.S. in 2014, where she moved in with Mike.

Soon after, Aziza and Mike got married in the U.S., with her taking his last name.

Three years later, the couple remains happily married. They live in Mike’s house along with a few pets.

They are not without their disagreements, however. For example, while Mike wants to have kids, Aziza is still undecided.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

Season 1 saw the marriage of Alan and Kirlyam. The couple met in Brazil when U.S.-born Mike traveled to Kirlyam’s home country on a mission with the Church of Latter Day Saints.

The two hit it off and Kirlyam moved soon to the U.S. where they got married. They tied the knot in Alan’s Mormon Church in California.

The couple struggled through some personal issues at the start, however.

Kirlyam wanted to model, but Alan disapproved and became jealous of the attention that she was receiving as a result. Due to this and her inability to gain her green card, she remains unemployed.

Despite their issues, though, the couple remains in union to this very day.

They welcomed their first child, Liam, into their family in October of 2017.


Russ was a 27 year old from Oklahoma working in the petroleum industry when he met Pao. Pao, a 26 year old fashion designer, was living in Columbia with the hopes of moving to the U.S.

The couple met when Russ was on assignment as a field engineer in Columbia.

The two decided to marry and move back to Oklahoma. They eventually picked up their lives and moved to Miami so that Pao could pursue a modeling career.

Through their journey together, they have have some difficulties and experienced tragedy. Despite all of that, though, they remain together.

They later appeared on the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, where they showcased their undeniable love for each other.


Another season 1 love story saw Louis and Aya tying the knot. Louis hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, while Aya is from Ormoc, Philippines.

They met through an online dating service and quickly began discussions about moving in together.

Aya wanted Louis to move to the Philippines, but the couple eventually decided that it was best for her to move to the U.S. This was mostly due to Louis having two children from a previous relationship.

The couple got married in a Catholic Church and remain married to this day.

Aya, Louis, and his two kids live together under one roof. They also have their first child on the way.

The couple decided not to participate in the season 2 follow-up.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

Thirty-four year old Justin met 29 year old Evelin at a soccer game in Colombia during the 2013 World Games. The couple fell in love very quickly.

In fact, it took just seven days together before they knew that they were going to get hitched.

The relationship was not as smooth as it sounds, however.

Justin had an old-school view of a wife and wanted Evelyn to be a “proper” spouse who cooked, cleaned, and took care of her husband. However, Evelin was not willing to be this type of person.

Nevertheless, the couple still decided to get married and the two have remained together since.

They live together in the U.S. Evelin changed her name to "Evelyn" and works as a dance instructor, while Justin works as a physical education teacher.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

A season 2 romance began when Brett and Daya met through an online dating service.

Brett was from Snohomish, Washington and had a 6 year old daughter from a previous marriage that ended in divorce. Daya was from San Carlos, Philippines.

Daya decided to move to the U.S. where she began living with Brett. Brett had two roommates before Daya moved in, but they left once she arrived in Washington.

The two got married shortly after.

The couple’s relationship was a bit tumultuous, mostly due to Brett’s mother’s refusal to accept their matrimony. She chose not to attend the wedding, which put a lot of pressure on the couple.

Nonetheless, Brett and Daya have been married for 3 years and welcomed their first child in 2017.

They proved that their love was strong enough to overcome any boundaries.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

Season 2’s Jason and Cassia’s relationship started off a bit strange.

Cassia, a 23 year old Brazilian, was in an online relationship with a 38 year old Florida resident who was Jason’s friend. However, the two began talking and formed a connection.

While they eventually decided to get married, their marriage was far from perfect.

Jason filed for divorce from Cassia after charges related to domestic violence were filed against him. While it seemed like the couple was going to call it quits, something changed.

Earlier this year the divorce was dropped and the couple decided to commit to working through their issues, giving their marriage another shot.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

This couple comes from opposites sides of the globe - Danny is from the U.S., while Amy is from South Africa. The two met in Australia on a Bible study trip.

After only a short romance, Amy moved to the U.S.

The couple lived with Danny’s brother until their marriage. While Danny’s brother approved, there were some issues, as his father was initially reluctant.

From there, they moved to Texas in hopes of raising a family.

They succeeded in their hopes and wishes. Today, Danny and Amy have 2 children, Jedidiah and Ann, and are very happy.

The couple boast of their marriage on social media. Just a few months ago, they posted a photo of themselves on a vacation.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

One of the most controversial episodes of 90 Day Fiancé aired during season 3.

In it, we were introduced to 58 year old Mark and 19 year old Nikki. Mark also had four adult children who were older than his soon-to-be wife when he first met her.

While the couple was portrayed as happy together, Mark took issue with the way TLC displayed him.

He alleged that the network showed him as overly controlling and filed multiple lawsuits as a result. The lawsuits were later dropped and the couple fell out of the public eye.

While the couple still manages to stay out of the spotlight, multiple reports allege that they are still married.


Kyle was a bartender from New Orleans, Louisiana who first came in contact with Bajaree (nicknamed “Noon”) through Facebook while he was researching Thailand for a personal vacation.

The two continued to talk and eventually met up during his trip.

While a romance soon blossomed, Kyle did not actually propose before leaving to go back to the U.S.

Nevertheless, Noon uprooted her life and decided to move in with him.

Living with Kyle’s roommate proved difficult, though, so Kyle picked up extra shifts at the bar so that the couple could afford their own place.

The couple eventually married in a Buddhist temple.

Noon proved to play a positive role in his Kyle's life, as she convinced him to get in touch with his mother who he had been estranged from.

The two remain married to this day.


New York City native Loren traveled to Israel for a Birthright trip. While there, she met Russian-born and Israel resident Alexei, who was working as a paramedic.

The couple hit it off and soon moved to the U.S. to get married.

Loren was an executive assistant, but she decided moved to Parkland, Florida due to the high costs of the city.

Alexei moved in with her and hoped to become a first responder, even though Loren wants him to try his luck as a model.

Drama ensued when Alexei found out that Loren had Tourette’s syndrome, as he was angry that he was never told since it could affect their children.

However, the couple worked through their issues and are living out a happy marriage.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

Melanie is a 28 year old from Pennsylvania. She was living with her 11-year-old son, Hunter, from a previous 5-year long marriage when she went on vacation in Jamaica.

While there, she met Devar, a lifeguard on a Jamaican resort.

The couple struck up some conversations and got along great.

Devar eventually proposed and the two moved back to the U.S., where Devar began training to become a welder.

They got married shortly after, but their matrimony got off to a rocky start.

Melanie’s sister distrusted Devar. Melanie herself had her own questions and mentioned a prenuptial agreement once Devar mentioned that he wanted to send most of his money back to his family in Jamaica.

The couple seems to have worked through their concerns, though,  as they remain married.


Perhaps the most unlikely story of two people getting together on 90 Day Fiancé comes from Floridian, Fernando and Colombian, Carolina.

The now-married couple were highlighted in a season 3 episode, as they met each other while they were on dates with other people.

Despite their awkward first encounter, Fernando and Carolina got engaged before moving to the U.S. together.

They moved into Fernando’s place that was shared with his parents. There, Carolina began butting heads with Fernando’s mom, who made a comment about a Colombian stereotype.

Other hardships came soon after: Carolina mentioned missing her mom and cat, and accused Fernando of cheating. He denied the allegations despite email interactions with his ex.

However, despite these issues, the two seemed to have worked it out, as they are still married.


Another Mormon mission served as the catalyst for a relationship in the season 3 episode highlighting Josh and Aleksandra’s romance.

Josh, who is a Mormon, met the Russian Aleksandra in Czech Republic.

An atheist herself, Aleksandra converted to Mormonism for the love of her soon-to-be husband.

The couple parted ways, but met up again later in Russia, where Josh proposed.

Today, the couple is still married. They live together in Australia, where Josh began medical school.

Their daughter, Kaya, was born in March 2016. They announced this on a reunion episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

The couple seems to be strong enough to make it anywhere.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

As yet another example of a couple that temporarily called it quits, Nigerian Olulowo and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania resident Narkyia have had a rocky relationship.

The couple met through an online dating service for overweight women. Despite Olulowo’s friend’s distrust in Narkyia (they believed that he was potentially scamming her), the couple ended up falling for each other.

Further issues occurred when she found out that he was interested in getting back with the woman who fathered his child.

Despite numerous issues, the couple was married in the U.S.

While they broke up for a period of time, they were able to reconcile the relationship and decided to get back together.

They are married and still living in the U.S.


Jorge boldly reached out to Anfisa after looking through her photos on Facebook. Russian-born Anfisa initially ignored the messaged but eventually agreed to meet him.

Jorge took her on a lavish European vacation that led to her asking him to buy her a $10,000 purse. Jorge refused and a verbal fight broke out.

However, money turned out to be a big focus of this relationship. Anfisa admitted that she was interested in Jorge providing for her. Jorge’s family considered this a concern.

After almost calling it quits and Anfisa contemplating moving back to Russia, the couple decided to get married.

They tied the knot at a small courthouse ceremony without a ring.

The couple currently reside in a small apartment. They appeared on later seasons of 90 Day Fiancé.

Recently, Jorge was arrested for trafficking illegal substances.


15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

Matt, a 42 year old from Kentucky, met 30 year old Ukranian Alla through an online dating service. The two shared a quick bond, but eventually Matt decided to get married a different woman.

However, after getting a divorce from his third wife, Matt reconnected with Alla, who was also divorced and has a 7-year-old son, Max.

They rekindled their relationship and eventually decided that they were meant to be with each other.

Alla is a very reserved person who gets easily overwhelmed by Matt’s lifestyle. Meanwhile, Matt is a bit insecure as a result of infidelity that occurred in previous marriages.

Love proves to be the only thing that matters to this couple, however, as they remain happily married to this day.


Elizabeth, who is from Florida, met Andrei when she was visiting Dublin. Andrei, who is from Chisinau, Moldova, was working in Dublin as a bouncer.

When the two met, they hit it off and eventually decided to get married.

Along the way, the couple has dealt with their fair share of issues.

Andrei proves to be controlling and his family disapproves of him for it. One example of this is that he didn't want Elizabeth to have a bachelorette party before their wedding.

However, Elizabeth still decided to have one despite his disapproval.

They got married in an outdoor ceremony and are still together to this day.

While they may still have their issues, they have proved that they can stay together no matter the obstacles they face.


The 90 Day Fiancé spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days brought fans a lot of interesting moments. None of which was more interesting than British Jon throwing up on the side of the road before meeting Rachel, who comes from the U.S.

Rachel, who is also a mother of two, was nervous herself, as she traveled all the way to the U.K. with a newborn child in order to meet a man who she had never met before.

Jon proved to be more nervous, however, as was evident by his roadside sickness.

Nevertheless, the couple embraced. When they saw each other for the first time, Jon said “You come here,” and Rachel proclaimed Oh my gosh, you’re real!”

The couple got hitched and remain together to this very day.


Another couple that made it work during a recent season of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days was Paul and Karine.

Paul is a Kentucky native who met Karine through an international dating app.

Karine lives in a small Brazilian town and does not speak any English, while Paul doesn't know a single word in Portuguese.

When the couple met, they tried to make it work by using a translation app to talk to one another.

The two didn't let the language barrier get in the way, though, as soon after, Paul asked Karine’s father for permission to propose to her.

The couple have shared a lot of crazy adventures – from Paul swimming in what he claimed was “poop water” to a machete attack – but eventually end up together.

Despite rumors that the couple split after Karine was unfaithful to him, they recently tied the knot.


Are there any other 90 Day Fiancé couples that are still together? Are you surprised that any of them have lasted? Sound off in the comments!

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