90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Says The ‘Ship Has Sailed’ with Ex-Fiancée Veronica

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Tim Malcolm says the "ship has sailed" with ex-fiancée Veronica. Malcolm has been receiving a lot of questions regarding his relationship with his ex that was shown at the beginning of the season, who has been complicating his relationship with his new Colombian girl. Malcolm, however, holds steady to the fact that they are just friends.

90 Day Fiancé fans have been uneasy from day one about Tim and Veronica’s weirdly close relationship and believe their friendship is what is hurting Malcolm when it comes to trying to fall in love. Malcolm spoke to the cameras about how his ex-fiancée let him down when he had called to ask for advice but accepted that maybe Veronica needed time to move on. The reality star was not happy with the backlash that she had been receiving regarding her negativity. The TLC star had to address rumors that he had at one point married Veronica and the pair were living together in the Charlotte suburbs. He said that since they have a child to raise, they must have a close bond. The tricky thing is the child isn't even Malcolm's biological child, she's a child from Veronica's previous relationship before Malcolm.

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On the hit show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Malcolm had some trouble getting to know Columbian native Tarazona with no help from his ex-Veronica. According to the Charlotte, North Carolina entrepreneur, the "ship has sailed."  In a Us Weekly exclusive that hit the stands on October 15th, Malcolm told the magazine what fans already knew - that he and Veronica were not a good fit. Throughout the season many fans had taken to social media to ask Malcolm why he would not get back with his ex-fiancée to which he told them that they were never a good fit to begin with and were better suited to be friends. The two already co-parent Veronica’s daughter, Chloe, together and have a system worked out. The reality star said if he ever got back together with Veronica that he would be very surprised as they were a couple for nine years, so they did try to make it work.

Veronica had not been the most supportive of her best friend leaving the United States to go to Columbia to meet Tarazona. The couple’s relationship had been rocky, to say the least, and on Sunday, October 13th’s episode viewers watched as Malcolm presented Tarazona with a ring that he originally had given to Veronica. Almost every fan was yelling at their TV not to tell the hot head that he was upcycling a diamond ring, but he didn’t heed the warning and Tarazona gave the ring back in defiance. Veronica herself questioned the couple about their lack of a sex life during a FaceTime call which made Tarazona very upset. It was obvious to fans that Veronica was trying to annoy Tarazona and it seemed to have worked.

While fans are unclear where Malcolm and Tarazona’s relationship will end up after she threw the ring back at him it would seem that Malcolm maybe should take his time in deciding whether to marry her as they fight so often. Whatever the outcome may be, viewers of the popular show will be able to find out next week where his relationship with the model stands with the Tell All episode coming up.

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs on TLC Sundays at 8 pm EST.

Source: Us Weekly

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