90 Day Fiance: 10 Things To Expect For TLC’s The Family Chantel

Things are about to get even stupider. Get ready for a whole lot of 90 Day Fiance this summer. Not only are fans getting a new season starting April 28th, but the new spinoff The Family Chantel will be airing soon. Everyone's favorite couple is getting their own show featuring not only Chantel’s family but Pedro’s mom and sister as well. How can we not get excited about this? Especially seeing as this couple has never failed to bring the drama. Explosive family dinners are a specialty of theirs. Also, let’s not forget that there is a lot of bitterness around both families. Pedro’s family feels looked down upon by Chantel family ( they aren’t wrong). Chantel’s family was lied to when Pedro showed up on American soil. We are gearing up for some crazy times.

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10 Everyone Is Involved

The more time passes, the more we know about the upcoming 90 Day Fiance spinoff. When we last left off with the family, they were recovering from a huge brawl. Their family dinner had turned into a fight between Pedro and his sister against the family Chantel. It will be interesting to see how much more drama the family has when an entire show is focused on them. We can only assume that at some point there will be another trip to the Dominican Republic and more drama between Pedro’s sister and Chantel. The couple probably has the most ups and downs out of all the couples on the show. This is a well-deserved spinoff.

9 The Family Chantel

Yes, the show will be officially called The Family Chantel. What prompted this decision? Well, the producers know good TV when they see it. TLC released a statement saying: “Our fans can’t get enough of Pedro, Chantel, and their larger-than-life families. For a brand known as the destination for love, relationships, and family shows, The Family Chantel hits the bullseye.” They are super hyped for this show, and so are we. There is no set date for the show as of yet; we just know that they are planning for a July premiere. But it will most likely air soon after season 4 of 90 Day Fiance ends. In mid-April, the TLC aired a special called Pedro & Chantel: The Full Story. Those who just can't wait may want to watch that in the meantime.

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8 The First Couple To Get A Spinoff

Pedro and Chantel are setting themselves up to be TLC’s golden couple. Everyone loves their drama and all the entertainment they provide weekly. It’s only natural that they would be the ones to get a spinoff. They are officially the first couple to get a full order spinoff. Other couples have had specials or have been featured on 90 Day Fiance spinoffs like 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. But to have a show centered around themselves and their families, well, this is a first. TLC has a lot of faith in the numbers that this couple will bring in for them. This could lead to a trend of having other couples get a spinoff. Who wants to see a spinoff of Alexandra and Josh and all their baby daddy drama?

7 There Is A Cheating Scandal

The commercials we have seen so far for the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance are not for the faint of heart. It looks as though Pedro’s family—mainly his sister Nicole—seemed to be telling Chantel that Pedro is seeing someone else. The commercial made it seem like he has been actually using her this entire time. We don’t know how true this is, but let’s think about this for a second. Pedro is noticeably absent on Chantel’s Instagram page. This is a new development because he appeared in pictures before. We know this can’t always be an indicator of marital troubles. However, this, coupled with what looks to be a cheating scandal on the show, looks bad. There is no doubt it will play into their spinoff.

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6 River & Pedro Might Make Amends

It sounds hard to believe after everything that Chantel’s brother River has been through with Pedro that amends could be on the horizon. However, after that explosive fight between the brothers-in-law, River expressed his discontent with his behavior. During an interview with RealityTVWorld, River stated: “I don’t regret it, but I’m mad at myself because I don’t like getting out of character like that.” River also went on to explain that he never threw anything at Pedro to spark the fight and has no intentions on hitting his brother-in-law. So could this self-reflection mean that he is willing to work things out? We low-key doubt it, but it would be nice to see some kind of mutual agreement.

5 They Are Working On Starting A Family

As we all saw in the teaser trailer for season 4 of 90 Day Fiance, Chantel and Pedro were trying to start a family. Chantel expressed her concerns to her husband, stating that she thought they would have has a baby by now. This conversation is rumored to continue in their spinoff. But, let’s be honest, who in their right mind thinks Chantel and Pedro are ready for a child? She is still in school, and, of course, there is a very prominent fracture in their family. Why add more confusion to what is already a hot, dramatic mess? We get it’s the natural next step in a marriage, but there is no way this is the next step they should be taking.

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4 It Will Not Air On Sunday

The Family Chantel is doing something a little bit different and smart if we do say so ourselves. TLC has a lot of popular shows running on Sunday nights. They have Sister Wives, and 90 Day Fiance back-to-back. And leading up to the new season they have specials on a few of the more popular 90 Day Fiance couples. Bu,t of course, they want to have something every day of the week to keep viewership up. So The Family Chantel will air on Monday nights, we assume at 8:00 pm primetime. There is no way that this show won’t be a hit for them on Monday’s. Normally fans are riding high from all the drama they soaked up on Sunday night, so to follow it up on Monday is just smart. The great thing about TLC is that they always have a good Sunday night show so no one is being displaced they are just adding more great, addictive content to their roster.

3 We Are About To Know Everything

The great thing about a spinoff is that we get to know the person or people more. More things are revealed, and some people are willing to let it all out of the bag. One of the things we are looking forward to is hearing more from Chantel’s sister, Winter. Winter seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and every time she opens her mouth she’s speaking facts. We personally want to hear more of what Winter has to say seeing as she is the main one who calls out all the craziness in a rational way. Of course, Chantel’s parents are also known for letting cats out of the bag, but siblings are always a better source of information especially during confessionals.

2 Pedro Could Be Using Chantel

There have long been talks that Pedro and his mother are running a scam out of the Dominican Republic. Supposedly his mother sets up people from the DR with eligible people in the United States that will marry them and basically offer them a better life. Once this was revealed, many fans were concerned about Chantel’s marriage. What can they do but assume that Pedro’s mom set Pedro up with an eligible woman who can “take care of him”? There is a lot of doubt around their relationship, not just from fans, but from Chantel’s family and even Pedro’s family to an extent. This is one of the many topics we are sure they will tackle on the show. Chantell's parents are still very convinced that her marriage is a sham. They even went as far as to hire a PI; we certainly want to know the results. 

1 Don’t Worry—They Are Still on 90 Day Fiance

We can only assume now that viewers believe Chantel and Pedro to be skipping out of the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance. After all, what else would TLC fans do without the family Chantel and their drama? But don’t worry, the whole family will be returning to the new season airing on April 28th on TLC. Even Pedro’s sister and his mom will make an appearance with what we can only hope is some juicy drama for us to lap up. The show will also see the return of couples like Ashley and Jay, Paola and Russ, and Colt-y and Larissa. They are no longer together, but their divorce will be highlighted.

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