90 Day Fiancé’s Sumit Finally Opens Up About His Secret Marriage

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's Sumit finally opens up about his arranged marriage that he kept secret from his girlfriend Jenny. Sumit, who got caught with living with Jenny by his family and his in-laws, was finally able to talk to producers after five days being locked inside of his parent's house. He was able to explain his side of the story.

After Jenny and Sumit dated long-distance for over 7 years, they decided to take the plunge to get married and that's when Jenny left everything behind in America to move to India. They lived in an apartment in a different city than Sumit's family, as he told her it's because his family wouldn't agree with their relationship to an older American woman, but said nothing of already being married. His family, who believed Sumit was away for a new job in a different city, found where Sumit was living with Jenny and revealed the secret that he was already married by bringing his whole family and his wife's family to the home to confront the couple.

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Jenny was left heartbroken after leaving everything behind in America to be with Sumit in India. After the family stormed into the apartment and took Sumit back home with them, Jenny was left alone. On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other WaySumit explains his side of the story (via TLC). After five days of being held in his parents' home, he was able to finally speak to the producers, but they have forbidden him to contact Jenny. The producers asked Sumit's family and in-laws to participate in the series but they declined. The producers ask Sumit, "Is there anything you want to tell the world?" In which Sumit replied, "Yes. I lied a lot to everyone. I did a lot of things wrong." He goes on to explain that he's been "married for two and a half years." He revealed that he was, in fact, dating Jenny when his parents set up the arranged marriage, saying, "I barely knew the girl before I married her." 

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He expressed that there were "many times" where he wanted to come clean with Jenny, but he said his biggest fear is, "she gonna leave me alone." Even though Sumit is forbidden to see Jenny, he was, however, allowed to go see his friend Neeraj and the cameras followed their conversation. His friend asked Sumit, "Did you tell them you love Jenny?" Sumit replies that he told them "Yes" when one of the family members asked him and then the family to become aggressive. Neeraj told the cameras that he knew about Sumit's arranged marriage and he told him to not tell Jenny or the production crew about it and he did as he was asked by Sumit. The biggest issue now is that Sumit said he wants to get separated from his wife and live with Jenny, but he's worried that his in-laws will go to the police. Since infidelity is no longer a crime in India, he's afraid that his in-laws will come up with false claims and get everybody tied up in charges - including his family. Still, he said he'd rather be in jail than in the marriage. He concludes with, "I want to be with Jenny. It's my right to be happy."

It remains to be seen if Jenny will be able to stay in India now that Sumit is being held at his parent's house. Jenny's dream of being with Sumit has been crushed and now she's contemplating going back to America. Fans will have to watch and see how the rest of their story unfolds.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 9pm EST on TLC.

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