90 Day Fiancé: Steven Frend & Olga Koshimbetova Are Officially Married

90 Day Fiancé stars Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova married in a courthouse ceremony. After a bit of a tumulous relationship, the pair finally and legally tied the knot.

The young couple first appeared on season 6 of the hit TLC show when the two met while Koshimbetova who was originally from Russia was in the United States on summer vacation at the beach the Frend worked at. After a quick one-month romance, Koshimbetova became pregnant but still returned to her home country to give birth to the couple’s son Alex, who was born in April 2018 and documented by the film crew. After being approved for the K-1 Visa in December of 2018 she returned back to the United States in April. The two were known for their, at times, hostile relationship and pregnancy - as Frend tried to take their newborn son home with him from Russia.

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After more than two years spent together, Frend and Koshimbetova decided to make it official by marrying in a courthouse ceremony on August 30, according to US Weekly. The happy couple posted an announcement on Instagram with their son and the marriage certificate. The couple ended the day by celebrating with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. In June, the couple celebrated having spent two years together, both acknowledging that the journey had not been the easiest one. Frend said that he had been lost without his spouse while she was forced to live in Russia, but the separation had only strengthened their relationship.

The 90 Day Fiancé stars made headlines this past December when they launched a Go Fund Me campaign asking for financial help for paying their bills. They had set a goal of $15,000 and came close, receiving a generous $6,000. Frend explained that drastic times call for extreme measures as they were both trying to get their lives back on track. The reality star went on to explain that Koshimbetova had not been able to work for a long period of time due to the restrictions of the K-1 Visa and Frend had left his job to start a new adventure as a fire sprinkler installer; it was an apprenticeship program, and training takes four years to complete, earning $16 an hour to start.

The happy couple seemed to be able to go the distance and solidify their love for each other. After tying the knot, the couple will now look to settle in Frend’s home state of Maryland. Fans of the show will hopefully be able to get an update when TLC airs their new season of 90 Day Fiancé.

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Source: US Weekly

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