90 Day Fiancé Stars You Can Find On Instagram

Gone are the days where people would simply watch a show and then move on. Now, the audience wants to know the lives of the cast on TV. As far as reality shows are concerned, the people depicted here get more loyal followers than for scripted shows because it offers a different view than the one onscreen.

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90 Day Fiancé fans would like to know further about its stars, as the show doesn’t stick around following these people all the time, and the fans are interested to see how these people are living their lives. A lot of its stars are on Instagram, and we’ve put 10 of them on this list for you to follow.

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10 Pao (@Paola_mayfield - Followers: 497k)

This couple has been touted as the most popular from the series, a lot of the credit going to Pao for this. Her follower numbers reaching half a million certainly is telling of her fan following, and the content sure does pull in the male fans.

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Pao’s posts have mainly been showing off her figure, which makes sense considering she always was in the modelling profession, and more often than not you’ll find snaps of her in skimpy outfits. More recently, though, she’s been posting pictures of her new-born baby. This at least indicates she might be up for a wholesome image soon, although for the time being, her feed is predominantly snaps of her figure.

9 Kirlyam (@kirlyam_ - Followers: 92.4k)

The other pretty lady from Season 1 was Kirlyam, but this one was always very conservative to go the revealing route Pao has taken. Going by her Instagram, Kirlyam is solely focused on being a mom now, as her feed details her mom-based lifestyle.

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You can find pictures of her son as he grows up, along with selfies of Kirlyam showing the load of being a mother. However, all her pictures are well-intentioned and make you feel a family life is worth the struggles. The one downside is the fact that she exclusively captions in her native language, which means you’ll need to interpret what she says based on the picture.

8 Yamir (@yamirmusic - Followers: 14.9k)

Yamir didn’t give hints of acrimony with his now divorced wife, and he and Chelsea split for good in 2017. According to his social media posts, Yamir swore off sharing too much about his relationships, as he wanted fans to follow him for his work as a musician rather than his time in 90 Day Fiancé.

Almost all of his posts concern his time spent on the road promoting his music performances, and this shows us a young man following through with goals he’s passionate about. Happily, however, Yamir did post a picture of him and his new girlfriend in an embrace in March, telling the world he’s back in a relationship.

7 Aziza (@azizaeloshway - Followers: 29.8k)

Like most of the women on the show, Aziza is a new mother, and you can catch her showing all the challenges of a first-time mom on her Instagram. While it wasn’t all baby news on her Instagram a while ago, she only just became a mother, so that’s what you’ll be finding on her social media for the time being.

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However, her captions are always filled with appreciation for the life she has now, which adds a sense of relatability to her posts. She also posts pictures with her husband at regular intervals to offer us a view of her now-parent life.

6 Kyle (@kyle__huck - Followers: 19k)

Not many people gave Kyle and Noon a chance to survive when they saw their love story play out. It seemed just like a kind of puppy love doomed to fail, but the two are still here and married. Kyle’s Instagram, in fact, is almost completely filled with Noon’s pictures.

You might even mistake the account as belonging to her if you go by just the pictures, as Kyle generally stays behind the camera rather than in front of it. This is one of the better accounts to follow, as Kyle and Noon’s life looks like a fun-filled adventure seeing as these two are always out and about in beautiful places.

5 Anfisa (@anfisanava_ - Followers: 400k)

If you have children, then it’s advisable to steer clear of them happening upon Anfisa’s Instagram, as it is about 95% based on her showing off a lot of skin. It’s quite uncomfortable to see through her feed if you’re a modest person, but Anfisa’s intention is to drive home her fitness pursuits.

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Certain posts have her promoting products she endorses, but you’ll be met with a lot of revealing pictures along the way. There’s no sign of Jorge in her posts if that’s what you’re wondering, and Anfisa seems to know people make remarks about her feed being filled with rather provocative material, as one of her recent posts had her write in detail about this topic.

4 David (@davazer - Followers 277k)

What’s incredible is that David’s wife Evelyn was most recently featured on American Idol – what are the odds of that happening, right? As Evelyn has been in the spotlight a lot, we’ll be talking about David here.

To be fair, David himself doesn’t seem to care about being followed, and his posts mainly detail his travels. It’s a great handle to follow if you’re into pictures featuring beautiful landscapes, as David has these aplenty. He’s also clearly a doting husband, evidenced by how he regularly shared clips of Evelyn’s tenure on American Idol. It’s nice to see the guy enjoying everything around him and the appreciation clear with his posts.

3 Asuelu (@asuelupulaa - Followers: 202k)

Asuelu and Kalani have been one of the more popular couples we’ve seen on 90 Day Fiancé, and this fame has carried on over to Asuelu’s Instagram as well. Unlike all the other people listed here, Asuelu has no apparent trend that we can speak of in his posts.

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He simply puts up whatever is on his mind, or whatever’s happening around him. It’s not a bad thing, though, as it shows he’s not one for pretenses and just lives his life normally. Often, people want to post only what makes them look interesting on social media, but Asuelu’s happy living his life and showing us how.

2 Luis (@luisemmanuel91 - Followers: 39.5k)

You’d have to be a very optimistic person to have put stock in Luis and Molly remaining a couple, and they were divorced as most expected. Now, Luis has managed to remain in the US, and he’s even gotten married again. He doesn’t post much on Instagram, though, but you can gain some insights about his life when he does.

The clearest one was when he put up pictures of his second wedding, which gave 90 Day Fiancé fans the glimpse they wanted of his new wife. Luis is a far cry from the other stars in social media, as his pictures are generally taken from low-resolution cameras and don’t really tell much of a story.

1 Olga (@koshimbetova - Followers: 190k)

Most people didn’t give them a chance to stay together, and most people still don’t, but these two kids are still a couple. Steven’s attitude still puts off viewers who’ve watched him on the show, yet the couple has defied the odds.

Olga’s Instagram is all about raising her little son, and it depicts the life of a loving mother. She’s shown nothing but appreciation for the child and the father, and followers who are skeptics just might change their opinion about this couple. It’s still a long shot for two people so young and inexperienced to make it work when there’s such a big cultural gap and no legally binding marriage agreement, but for the moment Olga shows us why people should keep their opinions to themselves.

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