90 Day Fiancé Season 6 Cast: Where Are They Now?

With season six of 90 Day Fiancé airing its concluding "Tell All" finale just a few weeks ago (though it was filmed back in November), it would seem like not much could have possibly happened since then. But then again, drama seems to follow reality TV stars everywhere.

The show, first debuting back in 2014, takes US citizens and pairs them with foreigners coming to the United States on a 90-day visa. Within those 90 days, the couples must get married, otherwise, the foreigner must be sent back to his or her home country. The couples are often forced to overcome language and cultural barriers, as well as adversity from family and friends unsure about the integrity of the relationship.

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Season six—which aired its first episode in October 2018—aired its final episode in early January of this year, with fans of the show needing to know more about these couples' lives.

To catch up, as of the finale, we know that five out of the six couples got married. However, as we've found out recently, a few of them have either broken things off or are in the process of doing so. Who's still together and who's having trouble working things out?

Find out in 90 Day Fiancé's season six cast: where are they now?

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6 Colt & Larissa

Last we left the tumultuous couple, they were still married. Colt and Larissa met online and tied the knot in June 2018 after only seeing each other 11 days in person. Following a string of domestic battery charges on Larissa's end and an eventual arrest, Colt filed for divorce earlier this month, prompting Larissa to start a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for her divorce and legal fees.

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The separation is no surprise to anyone who's watched the show, since their impending doom was apparent very early on. If the divorce gets finalized, Larissa runs the risk of deportation. Rumors recently surfaced that Larissa has also joined the dating app Tinder, likely solidifying the end of the couple's relationship.

5 Jonathan & Fernanda

Last we left them, Jonathan and Fernanda were relatively happily married. Welp, not anymore. They separated back in December, a mere seven months after their wedding. It's unclear why they chose to break up, though according to Jonathan, it was his 19-year-old wife who chose to head back to Mexico. Since then, the two have engaged in petty Instagram drama, with Jonathan even blocking Fernanda. Meanwhile, Jonathan continues his life as a real estate agent in Illinois, and also recently participated in a charity basketball game with Floyd Mayweather. Meanwhile, Fernanda continues to pursue her career in modeling. Despite all of the drama, an inside source claims that the couple will be featured in season four of the spinoff series, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

4 Ashley & Jay

90 Day Fiance Jay and Ashley

As of the finale, Ashley and Jay seemed to still be together — in an on again/off again type of way. After Jay's addiction to using Tinder (even on his wedding night), it was assumed that Ashley was going to ultimately divorce her Jamaican husband. But then she withdrew the divorce complaint in order to stay with Jay, which Ashley implied in a leaked text message that she's doing it for the money.

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In recent news, it appears that Jay may be on the rebound with a newly single Fernanda, with an insider even claiming that their relationship may have been fake from the get-go. This "couple" doesn't seem like they're going to be straying far from controversy.

3 Kalani & Asuelu

When Kalani and Asuelu tied the knot at the end of the season, the big drama was not wanting Kalani's father to find out about the pregnancy of their second child.

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We've since found out that the baby is due at the end of April and that it's a boy. They also just celebrated their son Oliver's first birthday. The couple looks happy as ever and ready for the long haul, as what seems to be the strongest couple from season six.

2 Eric & Leida


Tension between Leida, Eric, and Eric's children have been a large piece of the foundation of this rocky relationship. And after their wedding, we see that Leida's struggles with Eric's children continue. In late January, news broke of a domestic violence incident involving the police at their home. Leida accused Eric of grabbing her by the hair during a fight that started as a result of her threatening to kill herself. Of course, there have been rumors of a divorce, but nothing confirmed as of this point. Let's hope these two find peace and safety.

1 Steven & Olga

Not a whole lot has happened to Steven and Olga since we last saw them. They are the one couple who didn't get married from season six. Even though the pair was on 90 Day Fiancé, their relationship had exceeded the 90-day limit, which is why Olga went back to Russia with their son, Alex, with Steven staying in the United States in order to follow through on the K1 visa application process.

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Back in December, Steven revealed that Olga's visa had been approved and she will be moving back to the US with their son fairly soon. Steven is financing the move with his college fund. A source told Life & Style Magazine that the couple plans on tying the knot in a low key ceremony before having a larger wedding in Russia.

Most recently, while visiting his wife and son in Russian, Steven had an accident while tobogganing in the snow. He suffered a small spinal displacement in his neck and is required to use a neck brace for the time being. Though it seems as if the injuries could have been much worse, his condition may affect the timeline for bringing his family back to the United States.

Which couples do you think will make it for the long haul? Let us know in the comments!

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