90 Day Fiancé: Chantel Wears Engagement Ring Despite Drama With Pedro's Sister

Pedro and Chantel 90 Day Fiance-happily ever after?

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Pedro’s sister Nicole is stirring the pot this week on Instagram by sharing a picture of her friend, Coraima, who also happens to be involved in the cheating scandal between Pedro and Chantel. Nicole refers to Coraima as “My sister” in the caption of the picture, and the fans went wild with speculation. Last Sunday on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, viewers were left off with major problems in the couples’ relationship as Pedro takes a break from Chantel (and her opinionated family). He bought a one-way ticket to the Dominican Republic to take time away from the relationship drama, in turn, creating more drama by refusing to tell wife, Chantel, when or if he'd be back.

Although, the real trouble began when Pedro reunited with his Dominican Republic friends and goes for a night out on the town with his sister Nicole. His friends and sister swayed him to take off his wedding ring, forget about Chantel and be single for one night. Along the way, Pedro received a lap-dance from his sister's friend, Coraima - prompting fans of the couple to question whether or not they'd be able to reconcile. The misstep wasn't lost on Pedro who both celebrated having a fun night while fearing for retribution from Chantel - just as Chantel prepared to follow her fiance to the Dominican Republic to “find out" what happened.

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However, back in the real world, Pedro's sister posted a picture of Coraima, captioned "My sister" with a heart emoji.

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My sister ❤️ @coraimamorla

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Fans of the show speculated this meant Nicole was making a statement to her sister-in-law, Chantel, and the show's fans that she is backing her brother Pedro in this cheating scandal. Another curious find: Pedro is still following Coraima's (now private) Instagram in addition to his wife's. account. As a result, fans wondered how could Chantel be okay with Pedro following the other woman as well as why Pedro would be so obvious about following both at once?

However, there are no clues on either Pedro nor Chantel's Instagram; in fact, there are no recent posts featuring Pedro on Chantel's account or vice-versa. Nevertheless, Chantel's Instagram proves she is still sporting her wedding ring as of a picture posted on June 6th.

The whole thing begs the question: did she forgive Pedro for running off to the Dominican Republic, the dirty dances, and the lies, or is she just keeping viewers in suspense so that fans continue to watch the show to find out how it all concludes?

No doubt, there is plenty of speculation about the status of Pedro and Chantel's marriage, there's also a chance that all of the secretiveness of their relationship on social media is part of publicity to keep the fans guessing, ensuring viewers will tune in to Chantel and Pedro's 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show, The Family Chantel, which will be highlighting both sides of their family drama (premiering in July). Regardless of the meaning behind Nicole's snap with Coraima and the "My sister" caption, one thing is for sure: a line has been drawn in the sand and fans are choosing sides: team Pedro or team Chantel.

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