90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Star Corey Breaks Up With Evelin Due to Cheating

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Corey Rathgeber breaks up with Evelin Villegas after allegedly seeing footage of her cheating from TLC.

Corey 90 Day Fiance:The Other Way

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Corey Rathgeber breaks up with his longtime girlfriend, Evelin Villegas, due to cheating. In the new season, most viewers thought that their relationship may not be what it seems as Corey kept putting way more effort than Evelin.

In the reality TV world, it is most sad when fans can see unrequited love from a mile away. Such was the case with Rathgeber and Villegas from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Fans saw throughout the season that Villegas just did not seem into to her boyfriend, Rathgeber as he was with her. After Rathgeber sold his car and had his whole life packed in suitcases after moving to Ecuador, she refused to meet him at the airport, saying she wanted him to be a grown man and find his way to her. Fans were appalled when it was revealed that Villegas had cheated on Rathgeber in the past (claiming they were on a break at the time), but still, he continued to try to win her hand in marriage - even though she never wanted to get married.

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It seems now that Rathgeber has finally seen the light and broken up with Villegas after he confirmed that she had been cheating on him. While it was obvious to viewers, it took Rathgeber a bit more time to realize that there would be no future with his girlfriend. Rathgeber stated that it was very scary to see that a woman he loved was on the fence about loving him. According to SoapDirt, a TLC employee informed them that Rathgeber had been given evidence to prove that Villegas had been cheating on him. According to the source, TLC had asked Rathgeber to sign a mental health waiver before showing the video footage they caught of Villegas and her ex-lover talking about running away together. The source also said that Rathgeber spoke with a therapist behind the scenes to sort out his hurt feelings.

90 Day Fiance-The Other Way Evelin and Cory

During their relationship, Villegas held Rathgeber to very high standards - expecting him to learn Spanish, bond with her family more, and make his own friends after he had already moved his whole life to Equador. She stated to the cameras that if Rathgeber didn’t fulfill these demands that their relationship would most likely not work out. Since the news of the infidelity had broken, Rathgeber decided to block Villegas on all social media, and it just so happened to be on his birthday. Regardless of them being broken up with and Villegas being blocked, she went to Instagram to tell her ex-boyfriend happy birthday and encouraged fans to do the same.

On last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, fans mourned with Corey while he journeyed home from Equador to be with his family after his father unexpectedly passed away. Fans have been nothing but sportive to the reality star, encouraging him to move on from his relationship and find someone better, who will love him equally as much as he loved. While the viewers have seemed to turn on Villegas for stringing along a nice, decent guy. There does not seem to be any love lost among the couple as Villegas seems to be moving on just fine from her 5-year-long relationship with Corey. Fans can continue to watch the remainder of their relationship unfold on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. 

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Source: SoapDirt

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