90 Day Fiancé: Jorge Goes From Drug Dealer to Garbage Collector in Prison

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava 90 Day Fiance-2

90 Day Fiancé’s Jorge Nava went from marijuana mogul to garbage collector in prison. Jorge and Anfisa from 90 Day Fiancé are making their unlikely situation work while he is away in jail.

Season 4's 90 Day Fiancé couple Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko were TLC’S couple that few could resist watching. The couple originally met through Facebook, and after Russian-born Anfisa moved to the states - with the help of the K-1 or fiancé visa - was able to marry Jorge and become a legal US citizen. Many viewers thought of Anfisa as a gold digger who was just with Jorge for his money; and though she admitted that she married Jorge largely for his money, she still stuck by his side after finding out he lied about his fortune. Last year, Jorge was arrested for having 293 pounds of marijuana in his car in Arizona. He was arrested in February of 2018 after being charged with possession of drugs with the intention to sell and was sentenced to spend two-and-a-half years behind bars.

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In an update from Radar Online, Jorge has worked three different jobs while being locked up: a garbage man, a kitchen clerk, and a kitchen cook. The 90 Day Fiancé star has logged over 500-plus hours doing the three jobs. It's apparent that Jorge is doing everything he can to climb the ladder of prison jobs, and he's doing whatever it takes to get out of jail early for good behavior.

Anfisa and Jorge Nava 90 Day Fiancé

Anfisa reportedly speaks to Jorge once a day via the phone and says that his goal right now is to do whatever he can to reduce the sentence. While Anfisa is expecting Jorge to be out of prison around August 2020, she has openly posted on social media about how she plans to wait for Jorge while he serves his sentence. In the meantime, Anfisa has been spending all of her extra time and energy bettering herself in the gym, placing in bikini fitness competitions around the country.

Jorge and Anfisa were in a long-distance relationship when they were first beginning as a couple, and it's possible that this independence could strengthen them as a couple. It was quite a rocky ride as Anfisa was demanding more money and Jorge was continually being caught in lies. Now, with Anfisa having her own car, an American driver's license, and a work visa, this freedom could be the best thing for Anfisa to not have to rely on Jorge for everything. His prison sentence could bring the couple closer than ever before.

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Source: Radar Online

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