5 90 Day Fiance Couples We Want To Star In A Spinoff (& 5 We Don't)

There is no question that the TV show 90 Day Fiance has introduced fans to some of the craziest couples on the planet. This show has hit strides that fans probably never thought they would see on reality TV ever. Big family brawls, people stripping and running naked into the Amazon Jungle, couples accusing one another of outrageous things like using them for plastic surgery. Really, the list could go on and on.

Ever since the family Chantel was blessed with their own spin-off, fans have been itching to find out who could be next. There are plenty of past and present couples who could certainly make for great entertainment. 

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10 Want: Paola & Russ

Every time Paola and Russ are on screen it’s a mess and we love it. We admit moving to Miami was the best decision for them because now their fights can be accompanied by the beautiful backdrop of the Miami nightlife. Plus, we get to see more of Juan! Russ is insecure and miserable, and if we had to make a prediction, we don’t see this relationship being lifelong. However, for the time being, they certainly bring drama and it’s TV gold. Fans of the show would be lying if they said they wouldn’t want to get a deeper dive into the lives of the new parents.

9 Don't Want: David & Annie

David would love nothing more than to sit on his butt and be one of those people who jump from reality TV show to reality TV show. Quite frankly, we hope this doesn’t work out for him. After hearing David’s story on his season of 90 Day Fiance, and realizing how he funded all those years in Thailand we think it’s about time he gets back into the working world. Not only is it annoying watching a grown man marry someone he can’t provide for, but it’s also annoying watching him give excuse after excuse as to why he won’t work. 

8 Want: Aleksandra & Josh

Aleksandra and Josh were on an earlier season of 90 Day Fiance but they left a lasting impression. A former go-go dancer turned Mormon and moving to the United States for her man? Yasss honey! However, it’s what happened after the cameras started rolling that made us want more. 

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Aleksandra and Josh welcomed a daughter in 2016, which should be a joyous celebration, but Josh was in for a shocker when his daughter was born mixed-race. Now we all know two Caucasian people cannot make a mixed-race baby. Rumors were flying about Aleksandra’s best friend being the dad. For this drama alone they can hold down a spin-off.

7 Don't Want: Ashley & Jay

Is anyone else sick of all the drama surrounding Ashley and Jay? It would be one thing if their drama came naturally but it has been revealed to fans that Ashley and her man have lied about a lot of things including her health scare. We already know that a lot of drama is made up or exaggerated for TV but this is ridiculous. They faked the racism that Jay claimed to have experienced, they even apparently faked a pregnancy. It’s just too much. There are more authentic people to focus on. What's the point in having drama if 100% of it is made up?

6 Want: Nicole & Azan

If nothing else but to keep an eye on May, we will take it. Nicole is notorious for making poor decisions when it comes to her life. Her decision to up and move to Morocco for several months with her 3-year-old daughter was not only selfish, but dangerous. If we could have cameras on Nicole and Azan 24/7, that would be ideal. It’s the best of both worlds - we get to see the drama but we also get the peace of mind that May, Nicole’s daughter, is safe and sound. Plus, who doesn’t want to see all the foolishness we read in the gossip columns about Azan play out right before our eyes?  

5 Don't Want: Darcey & Jesse

Have we not had enough of this turmoil? Darcey and Jesse are way too toxic together. To be honest, like Nicole and Azan we are worried about Darcey’s kids and all the fighting they see. The last time we saw her girls they looked highly uncomfortable and as if they were walking on eggshells when Darcey and Jesse got into a fight about how to cook steak and how it should be cut. This is not okay. Time apart doesn’t seem to help them either. Let’s not encourage this relationship by giving them a spin-off.  There is just too much at stake here just for some entertainment.

4 Want: Kyle & Noon

Kyle and Noon had the sweetest relationship. It really felt like Noon was sent to save him. She definitely brought a positive influence into his life. We would love to see the couple's progression since leaving the show. Noon was so understanding of the situation that Kyle was in, and instead of being mad and acting out she kept a level head and worked her way through it. 

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Last we heard the couple moved to Thailand for a bit to help look after Noon’s father who was sick. They are now back in the US living in Portland and they are asking for votes to help them win a cutest couple radio contest. We would love to get a glimpse into their lives now.

3 Don't Want: Paul & Karine

Paul is a level of annoying that can’t be beaten so why would we want to see more of him? We actually feel bad for Karine having to deal with Paul’s terrible behavior and his poor attitude towards her and her family. The couple has already been asked to appear on every 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? We can say that we get enough of the updates that we need from them. A better way of saying it is, there are better couples to catch up with. 

2 Want: Eric & Leida

This one is purely for entertainment. Eric and Leida had drama from day one. Before she even landed in the United States she was worried a little too much about Eric’s money situation. In particular, his child support. She basically wanted him to cut off all ties with the kids from his first marriage which is impossible for someone like him who is active in his children’s lives.

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The entire season saw Leida being delusional and unrealistic about how life works in the US. We would be lying to say we didn’t want to see more of that drama. Plus, there was a domestic abuse accusation made in early January and fans kind of want to see how far this relationship is going to go

1 Don't Want: Elizabeth & Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei are featured in the most recent season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and it looks like their drama is one to watch out for. Andrei is coming off way too aggressive and it’s making fans uncomfortable. We see in the commercial that Elizabeth’s dad is still skeptical this season about Andrei’s capability to provide for his daughter. To make matters more complicated she is very pregnant and Andrei still doesn’t have a job. To be completely honest, after this season what more do we need to see from this couple? Elizabeth is pretty open on social media so we can get updates there. And they will most likely appear on another season of the show. That’s enough for us.  

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