90 Day Fiancé: 6 Couples Who Didn’t Make It (And 11 Who Had Babies)

Unlike reality TV shows, which have bad rap due to shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians featuring a heavily scripted format that has convinced people this genre isn’t actually “reality,” 90 Day Fiancé identifies itself as a documentary which has a format reminiscent of a reality show gimmick. The show features a 90-day progression between two couples who have met abroad and details how these two cope with one another in the US. The show has garnered a fan following because it feels real and the couples’ challenges are understandable considering the change in cultures and them being suddenly thrust into familial responsibility.

Since we have social media nowadays, fans have taken to following these couples on these platforms and love to see how far the couples have progressed. The show itself has an option for the couples where they can opt to return and detail how their life has been after the 90-day period. Unlike TV series like Married at First Sight, 90 Day Fiancé has an excellent record of the couples shown remaining together even after their time on camera is over. This makes it exciting to see which couples have remained together and which haven’t; the added bonus is that the couples might now have started families.

To this end, we’ve compiled a list of the couples who have called it quits and those who not only have stayed together, but are now parents to children. So, if you want to know how these people are faring, here’s your chance to know.

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17 Had Babies: Russ And Pao

Although these two make for a very attractive couple, it’s only Pao who’s a model while Russ has faced employment problems for a while. Russ is from the states while Paola is from Columbia. Shortly after they got married, Russ lost his job, which left Pao to get modelling gigs for herself.

Pao went pretty far with that, although Russ had problems with her wearing skimpy outfits as part of her job. Regardless of all those problems, they haven’t had any long-lasting personal issues and, on the first day of 2019, their son, Axel Mayfield, was born. According to reports, the boy was born only about twenty minutes into the new year; looks like he wanted to make his parents’ new year a great one.

16 Had Babies: Alan And Kirlyam

15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

These two emulated the problems of Russ and Pao in the modelling front as you can see that Kirlyam is a very fetching lady. She moved from Brazil to the USA to be with him and tried her hand at modelling, but this made Alan jealous of the attention people were giving his fiancé.

Being Mormons, neither of the two had been physically involved with any other person before they were married in a Mormon temple; a wedding that was live-streamed to Brazil so that Kirlyam’s family would be able to attend in some way. Their son, Liam, was born back in October 2017, so it’s been a while since these two have started the adult family lifestyle.

15 Didn't Make it: Chelsea And Yamir

15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

Even though Yamir looks like he’s 16 in the above picture, he was actually 28-years-old when he met Chelsea, at a time when she was in Nicaragua as a volunteer and he was in a boy band. Yamir’s band weren’t happy in the slightest that he was ditching them to go to the USA, but he had a gig set up in Chicago to meet music producers.

Chelsea and Yamir’s problems were due to neither being employed, and Yamir’s music career being flux. This was why they couldn’t stay together as well as the need for Yamir to be in Chicago for his music endeavors. Consolation for fans is that neither of the two have any ill toward one another after the divorce.

14 Had Babies: Louis And Aya

These two met in a now-cliched manner: on the internet. They were matched up on an online dating service and it got serious through the internet. The only way they saw being together was by getting married as Louis had two sons he couldn’t leave behind to be with Aya in the Phillippines.

Fast forward to after the wedding, and Louis is almost done getting his degree while Aya has found employment in the USA. The couple has decided they don’t crave notoriety and declined to come back for the season two update. They now have a son of their own, who was born in June 2018 and was named Giovanni.

13 Had Babies: Mike And Aziza

Like with Louis and Aya, these two also met on the internet, but their relationship was only friendly. Mike met Aziza on a language acquisition website and started talking. It became romantic after Aziza couldn’t get a work visa, so Mike proposed to her.

Mike’s intentions were to have children right away, but this was turned down by Aziza who wanted to prove herself first and get a job in an optics lab. This didn’t cause any conflicts in their romance, though, as the two visited Aziza’s native Russia to meet her parents and make it official. Finally, the two did get around to having a daughter and this child was born in January 2019.

12 Didn't Make it: Danielle And Mohammed

You need a complete miracle to have a marriage between a 26-year-old man and a 41-year-old mother of four children to be successful. Unfortunately, Mohamed and Danielle had no such miracle and have now divorced and were last known to be in serious acrimony.

As it happened, Mohamed turned out to have lied about having a job before he was married to her, but Danielle turned out to be fraudulent as it was revealed she had access to someone else’s credit card and was using bad checks. Danielle was left by Mohamed due to this, and she began legal proceedings for an annulment. Danielle’s case wasn’t strong and they got divorced instead; she was still trying to get him deported as of October 2017.

11 Had Babies: Brett And Daya

After the contentious situation of the previous couple, it’s time for happier news with Brett and Daye who haven’t had any problems with each other. Brett was divorced and had a daughter from that marriage, while Daya moved from the Philippines to the states.

Their one issue was that Brett didn’t have a place of his own and Daya had to contend with his two roommates in the apartment he shared with them. After the wedding, they moved to their own place. They welcomed a daughter in July 2017 called Isabella; here's hoping things are cool with Brett’s family and Daya as his mother chose not to attend their wedding.

10 Had Babies: Steven And Olga

These two look young enough to be children of other 90 Day Fiancé cast members, but Steven and Olga are not only together, they have a child already. They are only 20-years-old each, and haven’t even married, so let’s see what the future will be like.

As far as their history together, Olga came to the US for the summer and they got pregnant in a few short months, but Olga had to return to Russia because she wasn’t a citizen. She had the baby in Russia and Steven traveled there to witness his son’s birth.  In December 2018, Olga’s visa for the US was approved; let’s see if they’ll be smart about their future or not.

9 Didn't Make it: Jason And Cassia

15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

A 15-year age difference is always going to be a hurdle, and Jason and Cassia just were not up to the task. They met through Facebook, when Cassia had been in a relationship – that one online, too – with Jason’s friend.

Jason made his move after her earlier relationship ended and she was soon in the US. Jason, being an army veteran, lives within his means and had only a simple lifestyle; Cassia had no problems with this arrangement, but they still separated in 2017. Cassia charged Jason with domestic violence initially, but they reconciled in April 2018. This didn’t last long as in September it was Jason’s turn to file for divorce, which was confirmed the following month.

8 Had Babies: Danny And Amy

So far, we’ve only seen a single child for every couple with babies listed so far, but Danny and Amy defy that by having a larger brood. They met in Australia for a Bible study trip and Danny proposed she come to America with him; she’s from South Africa.

After she arrived, Danny got a job in home construction, but had to face problems from his father who was not supportive of his son’s marriage. Eventually, this was resolved and the two were married in 2014. As of 2019, they are still married and to attest this happiness, they have already become parents to two children; a son and a daughter. Their son was born in 2015 and their daughter in 2017.

7 Had Babies: Melanie And Devar

Although it looks like there’s a big age difference between these two, there were only five years separating Devar from Melanie. Still, the 33-year-old Melanie already had an 11-year-old son, and have been divorced since she was 26.

Devar didn’t care about any baggage and proposed to her; they had met when she was on vacation in Jamaica. After returning, Devar had to contend with Melanie’s sister not being trustful of him and the rough patch was furthered when Devar admitted he sent most of his earnings back to his family in Jamaica. All’s well that ends well as they are still together and now have a child of their own— a daughter named Avah— who was born in November 2017.

6 Didn't Make it: Jonathan And Fernanda

It’s such a shame when a good-looking couple separates. Jonathan and Fernanda had a sizable 13-year age difference, with him being in his thirties while she wasn’t even 20 yet; however, they hit it off when he was in Mexico for vacation and married in North Carolina.

Jonathan is a real estate broker, and traveled frequently, so it wasn’t a problem for him to pick Fernanda from Mexico to get married. We don’t know of any drama that involved their separation, but what we do know is that these two were married in May 2018, only to separate in the same year in December. Was it the age difference?

5 Had Babies: Josh And Aleksandra

Josh is the hero to Aleksandra’s story as he rescued her from an unsatisfying life of partying to one of faith. He met her in Prague on a Mormon mission, where she was known on the party circuit. Aleksandra was an atheist, but found religious faith because of Josh and they started dating after he returned back to US.

He went to Russia to propose to her and they were married in August 2015. Their daughter was born in March 2016, named Kaya, and was notorious for appearing of a different ethnicity despite her parents being of the same one. The couple then moved to Australia, where Josh is in medical school, and they are going to welcome another child soon enough.

4 Didn't Make it: Molly And Luis

15 90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And 5 That Split)

As has been the case so far in this list, another couple with a sizable difference has bit the dust. This time, it is the 26-year-old Luis with the 41-year-old Molly. They met when she was in the Dominican Republic and got married after the 90-day visa period.

The problem here was the immaturity of Luis, who couldn’t be a father to Molly’s two children, and the allegations he made against her both emotionally and physically. Luis left Molly during an episode on the show and they were divorced in January 2018, only six months after getting married. The kicker here is that only five months after the divorce, Luis got remarried and is now living in New Jersey.

3 Had Babies: Elizabeth And Andrei

These two have a very youthful appearance, but they were old enough to get married by the time they did. The two met when Elizabeth was at a club and saw Andrei, who was a bouncer there. The surprise with these two is that they always had one problem or another, but have never had any difficulty with each other.

Elizabeth’s family weren’t fond of Andrei, and her father refused to offer financial support. Her sisters would then take Elizabeth to Miami for a bachelorette party despite Andrei being against it. Eventually, they got married and had their first child on January 23, 2019; a daughter Eleanor Louise.

2 Didn't Make it: Colt And Larissa

Colt and Larissa also met on an online dating website and, like some other names mentioned, Larissa also hailed from Brazil. Colt, who was 33-years-old, lived with his mother and three cats, and flew to Mexico to be with the girl he fell in love with through the internet.

They were only together for eleven days in total when Colt proposed marriage and they moved back together to the US. This fast-paced romance didn’t last long, though, as their marriage in Summer 2018 was succeeded by a divorce in January 2019. As it turns out, Larissa wasn’t all that and was arrested for domestic violence allegations. Let’s hope Colt is more careful next time.

1 Had Babies: Kalani And Aseluelu

Reality Blurb

Finally, we have a boy-girl pairing with a noticeable difference who are very happy together. Kalani was 30 and Asuelu was only 23 when they met. They came across each other when she was in Samoa for vacation and he worked at the resort she was staying at.

They didn’t get married at first, instead opting to have a child before a wedding. Kalani gave birth in January 2018 to a son, named Oliver. Eventually, the two did get married after Asuelu came to the US, moving to California with her. They have now had another child, a baby boy born in January 2019.

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