Where Are They Now? The Cast Of 90 Day Fiancé

We really don't deserve the supreme grace that is 90 Day Fiancé, yet it was just renewed for another season, and for that we are thankful.

As much enjoyment that we as the viewing audience get out of the failed relationships of supremely long distance couples, not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the land of K1 Visas and online chat rooms.

Sometimes everyone but the spouse saw it coming before the relationship disintegrates into bitter hate and scorn. Other times, there are just too many cultural differences between the two love birds, and they must fly their separate ways for the good of both individuals.

This is 90 Day, and we'd never want it any other way.

However,  after the season is over and all the cameras take their brief respite until the inevitable next season, the stars of the show's lives go on.

Feel like you're missing out? Don't. We have the scoop on the most prominent sleaze balls and gold diggers, with Where Are They Now? The Cast Of 90 Day Fiancé.

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15 Mohamed Is In Texas

Is there any couple on 90 Day Fiancé that are more memorable and infamous than the classic pairing of Mohamed and Danielle? The answer is no, no there is not and there never will be.

With that said, things didn't really work out for the legendary Sandusky couple.

The relationship came to an unfortunate end, when Danielle threw a binder full of printed out text messages (why?) at Mohamed outside of his Florida home. Mohamed then decided to take off at the end of the first tell all.

Still, desperate times call for desperate measures. Unfortunately for Mohamed, his green card was apparently denied, which means that Tunisia may be getting back one of its citizens soon enough.

14 Paola Is Still Trying To Be A Model But Mostly Just Tweeting

Remember Paola from 90 Day? You know, the beautiful Colombian who was dating the goober who kept complaining about them moving to Miami? Well, they're still together, lucky for him-- and her, actually, considering that her modeling career has gone nowhere.

Our proof you ask? Well, the fact that she has a shady agent on the show didn't help things, and neither did the fact that she hasn't appeared in any modeling material, well, anywhere.

Even her social media is void of modeling pics, aside from the ones she did while on the show. 

Don't worry, though, she posts on twitter roughly a hundred times a day, so you can always get your does of Pao if you need it.

13 Sean Shaved His 'Stache And Is Taking Glaring Selfies

It looks like Sean hasn't really been up to much, aside from trying to make himself look younger and photoshopping biceps on top of his biceps.

Besides that, he's using his social media accounts to try and sell bead jewelry. Strangely enough, he mentions in the post above that he's wearing it, but we don't see any necklace.

Sean and Abby are still together, despite rumors that circulated stating that they had split up.

These rumors began to make their rounds after Abby deleted images of Sean from the Intragram and then deactivated her account.

However, Abby has stated that this was done because she was annoyed with the amount of comments she received on her pics. So far the couple doesn't seem interested in returning to another TLC show anytime soon.

12 Jesse Is Traveling Around The World And Posing

We never particularly had high hopes for Jesse during the show, and considering that his current employment is listed as "Entrepreneur," we'll go ahead and reaffirm that our hopes still remain drastically low.

This is especially because his entrepreneurship looks to be a whole bunch of traveling around the world and posing in different places.

Sorry Jesse, flexing your bicep out of the window of your hotel and starting a YouTube channel does not make you a entrepreneur, although we wish it did.

We guess it's a good thing that Darcy got away from him shortly after the show-- he wasn't exactly Prince Charming. Sadly enough, Darcy was recently arrested after getting in a fight with her sister Stacey. Crazy can't date crazy we suppose.

11 Jason And Casia Are Calling Off Their Divorce (Again)

Amidst multiple announcements of divorce and making up, Jason and Casia have finally decided to call off their divorce... again. This obviously isn't the first time, but jeez, if there are multiple times that this kind of thing is happening, it may be best to consider other options.

If there's that much debate about whether you should stay together or split, you should probably just split. 

Aside from that, it seems as if the two of them are just bumbling along like before, with their marriage caught in a purgatory of constant splitting and mending.

It seemed like an odd relationship while they were on TLC, and it would appear that those assumptions were correct, as the couples' current activities indicate.

10 Evelyn Is Still Not USA's Biggest Star

David and Evelyn are still together, which is great news for the couple. However, the bad news is that they still live in the middle of nowhere, and Evelyn still thinks that she has some kind of music career ahead of her.

If there is a market for people who enjoy the sound of alley cat's fighting, she might stand a chance.

The last song she dropped, "Nickels And Dimes" has just shy of 12,000 YouTube views.

It set in stone what we've known all along: move on Evelyn, for the love of everyone's ears, move on.

We wonder how David is doing, not having moved out of Evelyn's hometown as he swore that he would do as they were getting ready to get hitched. Well, even if he's going a little stir crazy, at least they have the best apples in the world to eat.

9 Danielle Is Still Fighting The Good Fight Against Marriage Fraud

What about marriage fraud? It's great that Danielle doesn't want to be scammed in the same way that she was, but still, tweeting isn't going to get much done on that front.

Plus, there's an easy solution to marriage fraud when it comes to the K1 Visa-- don't marry them. 

The entire world was broadcasting the signs to Danielle, but she chose not to listen and here we are, printing out text messages and social media posts to put in a binder and throw at your ex husband.

That printer ink must cost a fortune for a binder of that magnitude, so to make ends meet, Danielle is still selling signed pictures of herself for those unlucky souls who missed out the first time.

8 Molly Is Recording Songs With Her Brother Jess

Oh Molly, why? Why would you do this to us, let alone yourself?

Reportedly, Molly is writing and recording songs with her brother Jess, and apparently dressing like she's in an '80s time traveling cop drama. Jess is in a band called Rolling Nowhere, whose facebook page lacks any substance, aside from a cover photo of a bunch of dudes wearing fedoras back stage, which is pretty much what we'd expect.

What style of music is she going for with that get up? 

We really hope that this is going to be some kind of country/pop mash up that is totally pro-owl and anti-Luis. Regardless, as long as Jess is on the tracks doing hype man yells and chortles, we're all about it.

7 Anfisa Is Going Back To Russia After Jorge Got Arrested (Again)

Well, no surprise here-- Jorge got arrested for smuggling a large amount of substances through Arizona, almost 300 pounds to be exact.

Doesn't he cultivate this stuff himself? We guess that it sometimes just makes more sense to turn yourself into a mule as opposed to putting in the time to cultivate a quality product (see Jorge and Anfisa's relationship).

From what we can see of his mugshot, it looks like Jorge was sampling the product as he made his way through Arizona.

In light of these recent events, Anfisa announced that she will be traveling back to Russia.

This is likely due to the fact that Jorge is dealing with the wrong side of the law again.

Anfisa is most likely not going to be finding a sugar daddy back in the motherland, but lets hope at least one of them ends up happy.

6 Nicole Is Back In Morocco Trying To Get Azan To Marry Her

Nicole is the most dangerous of all long distance relationship archetypes-- after trying to get her off your tail after your K1 gets denied, she shows up at your Moroccan door step, trying to get you to put a ring on it and call her daughter your own.

We thought that this whole relationship was over after the cheating and general hatred exhibited by all parties involved, aside from Nicole's daughter Mae, but we were mistaken.

Run Azan, getting your K1 is definitely not worth all of this mess.

Really, though, the guy said he loved you 55%, Nicole-- just over half. If he has to give you percentages of how much he loves you it really doesn't seem like he's the one, does it?

5 David And Annie Are Filming With TLC Again

It makes sense that David and Annie are back on camera, as these two are practically made for TLC stardom. Between the cringeworthy age difference and David's total lack of ability to be a functioning adult, all the execs at TLC are seeing is dollar signs.

It has been rumored that David and Annie are currently filming with TLC again.

Apparently the couple has been spotted out and about with TLC film crews it tow, though it isn't clear if it's to film for the next season of 90 Day or if it's for their own spinoff.

We have our fingers crossed for a Baht-fueled spinoff. We can only hope that David's daughter gets involved again-- actually we hope she gets her own spinoff where she runs around throwing drinks at people.

4 Luis Got Cornrows And Threatened To Sue TLC

What a way to fit in with the NJ vibe, Luis. For some reason, he decided to go ahead and get cornrows. Perhaps he did it to fit into the NJ setting, or perhaps he likes the look.

Hopefully the next fly drawn into the honey will be a bit smarter than Molly, or at least a little less stubborn.

Luis tried to bring a lawsuit against TLC for making him look like such a dink on the show, but to no avail.

Apparently the above image was tagged in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where Luis had family-- the same family that came to pick him up on the show after Molly and his falling out at the end of their respective season.

Hopefully he's doing well and is managing to get everything on track now that he's free of Molly.

3 Josh And Aika Are Filming With TLC Again

Much like Annie and Bahtman, Josh and Aika are reportedly being seen around town with TLC cameras hot on their heels, although it's not yet known for what.

We're hoping that it's a spinoff, as their previous public screaming match, complete with a drive away at a coffee shop, really would make for top-notch TLC content.

Regardless, we're actually looking somewhat forward to getting a bit more of Josh and Aika in our television diet-- they seemed somewhat normal in the super mixed up world of 90 Day Fiancé.

You never know, though-- put a couple in front of TLC's cameras for a long enough time and soon they'll start printing out text messages and accusing everyone of being a user.

2 Alan And Kirlyam Won A Car On The Price Is Right And Are Selling It

Alan and Kirylam were recently on The Price Is Right doing the worm on stage and subsequently winning the showcase and a brand new car, a unique euphoria that is only shared by a few lucky souls in the world.

It's great news for them. They're easily one of the most authentic and likable couples that has ever appeared on 90 Day. 

It seems like the new car smell won't be around for very long, however, as additional reports are suggesting that Alan and Kirlyam are trying to sell the car that they just jacked from Drew's greasy grasp. Money problems, or is it just too much of a hassle?

In the world of reality television and internet rumors, we can expect more updates soon.

1 Josh And Aleksandra Are Still Pretending It's His Baby

Josh, open your eyes-- we know that you love your party wife, and we're pretty sure she loves you to some degree, but there is no way in all that is holy in Sandusky, Ohio that that baby is yours.

We're not trying to be mean, malicious, or to start drama that hasn't already been started, but most fans doubt that the baby is biologically yours. It can't be, unless there are some extremely recessive genes that no one in your families have exhibited in, well, ever.

Good on you for treating her like she's yours, but come on-- it's time to find out the truth.

It doesn't mean that you can't stick around, it just means that you may have to accept that your hair isn't as naturally curly as you always hoped.


Were you surprised that some of these couples are still together? Are there any other couples on 90 Day Fiancé that we forgot about? Sound off in the comments!

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