90 Day Fiance's Most Popular Couples: Where Are They Now

90 Day Fiance is the guilty pleasure that has millions of people glued to their TV screens. Following people and their relationships is more entertaining than focusing on your own life. The couples from 90 Day Fiance are certainly some of the best drama we have seen in years. But, it has made us wonder what happens when the cameras stop rolling? Some of the couples have broken up for good, more have stayed together than we would have assumed and some of still in limbo trying to figure out how they will make things worse. Here are a few of the more memorable couples and what they are up to now.

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10 Danielle & Mohamed

Danielle seemed like an insanely desperate woman, the way she stalked Mohamed after he left her. The couple's courtship and marriage began to break down before season 2 even ended. The couple publicly accused one another of cheating, smelling in places that there should be no bad smells coming from, and one half of the couple (Danielle) even followed Mohamed to every state he went to. 

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They made no secret of the fact that they are now happily divorced. Danielle tried to annul the marriage but didn’t have enough evidence that Mohamed had committed any kind of fraud. They were basically the family Chantel before we had a family Chantel.

9 Danny & Amy

South-African-born Amy was the sweetheart that was basically too good for Danny. The couple met in Australia during a bible study trip and quickly struck up a relationship. Amy eventually moved to the states to be with Danny but ended up in a very awkward situation... Danny’s family was racist. They didn’t want anything to do with Amy because she is black. Fortunately, love wins again because Amy and Danny are still together and even added a few kiddos to the mix. We can only assume that Danny’s family has somewhat accepted her seeing as they are still married. The couple isn’t big on social media so we have to assume everything has worked out well.

8 Kyle & Noon

The season 3 couple made everyone believe in love again. Noon swooped in and essentially made Kyle’s life way better. They met via Facebook back when people were using Facebook as an unofficial dating site. He went to Thailand on a trip and met up with Noon who lived there. 

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They pursued a relationship and the rest is history. She went to America to meet his friends and family and he even introduced her to his mother who was always in and out of Kyle’s life due to alcoholism. The couple eventually picked up and moved back to Thailand for a life that would be better and Noon’s job. They are currently still together and to be honest, we can’t see them breaking up.

7 Josh & Aleksandra

The young couple was told they were a little too young and too different from one another to make things work. Aleksandra was from Russia where she was a go-go dancer and enjoyed the party life. Josh was on a Mormon mission trip in Prague. The two connected and decided that they wanted to get married.

Aleksandra converted to Mormonism entered America on a K-1 Visa and they have been married since 2016. They now have a daughter who has sparked a little bit of controversy because she is mixed race but both her parents are white. This has lead to speculation that Aleksandra’s longtime best friend is the father. The couple was bombarded with so many questions they temporarily shut down their social media accounts. They are now both in medical school.

6 Jorge & Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa made season 4 of 90 Day Fiance the best season ever. Anfisa (who is from Russia) really cracked the whip on Jorge. She expected to move to California and basically be rich. When she found out that Jorge lied about his money, his occupation, AND his family she had had enough. 

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Fortunately, after all the drama, the couple are still together. Anfisa returned to school (she was previously a student living with her grandmother in Russia) and Jorge, well, he went to jail for possession and attempting to transport 300 pounds of marijuana. They are still together.

5 Narkyia & Olulowo

The names may not sound familiar, and that’s okay. The couple was only in season 4 for a short time but their situation should ring some bells. Narkyia met Olulowo on a dating site where he introduced himself as a Nigerian Prince. No, he wasn’t being cute, he claimed to be an actual prince. She was smitten and even planned a trip to Nigeria to meet him. She quickly found out that he was scamming her; she got catfished. The relationship soured until he popped back up again and wanted to apologize. Things seemed to work out the second time around because the couple is now married. They had a few bumps along the road like him cheating on her. However, they made and work and still currently are.

4 Chantel & Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are such a fan favorite. The couple made waves when Chantel brought him to the US to marry her but failed to tell her parents and her siblings. It’s safe to say the couple's relationship was put to the test. They have however managed to make it through a lot; Pedro attacking her brother, Pedro’s sister attacking Chantel, and Pedro’s mom feeding them chicken feet as a sign of some kind of cultural disrespect. 

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The list is endless yet the couple keeps rising. They are currently still together and you can expect to see them on the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance. They were also recently offered their own show on TLC fittingly called “The Family Chantel”.

3 Nicole & Azan

The world saw Nicole as crazy when she told her parents she was engaged to a guy she met online who lives in Morocco. In season 4, Nicole left her daughter May to meet Azan in Morocco to see if this relationship could actually work. The couple had a lot of drama and cultural differences that Nicole just couldn’t seem to grasp. Everyone assumed Azan was in it for the money this young, unemployed mom was always sending him, and of course - the visa. Yet, they are still together; not married yet and Nicole spends a lot of time in Morocco she even brought May with her in season 5. The couple has both claimed infidelity but so far they are working through it. We will see how things play out because they too will be featured in the upcoming season.

2 Annie & David

Despite David’s love for attention, the couple who were low key fan favorites on season 5 will not be returning this spring. It’s certainly can’t be for lack of drama. They are currently still together, David is still unemployed, but they have a place of their own still so that’s great. Fans were quite worried for Annie who left the comforts of Thailand to move to America with David. He was unable to provide and had been living off of his best friend for years. Annie was concerned with how she would get along with David’s kids, especially his daughter, seeing as she had so much hate for her dad and couldn’t wait to verbally attack him when she saw him in person. Despite the drama and the obstacles, Annie has stuck around.

1 Molly & Luis

The couple that seemed odd from the get-go is now officially divorced after hiding that they were really married from Molly’s kids and the TV show. We aren’t sure when things went south but we are sure that Luis was never truly into Molly. He had family and friends in the states and would regularly retreat to their homes to avoid Molly and her daughters. He would spark up fights about random things like religion and child care knowing what he was getting himself into. It made for great TV but the reality is, Luis kind of scammed Molly. Five months after their divorce was finalized, Luis remarried and Molly wants the world to know that she was scammed.

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