90 Day Fiance: 10 Ways Anfisa Has Changed Since The Show

Anfisa Nava has a new life since quitting 90 Day Fiance. She has moved on graciously and even though she left on kind of bad terms (the show renewed their contract without asking for consent) she hasn't bashed anyone. In fact, she doesn’t even talk about them. She is living a brand new life and seems way happier than she was while filming. There is no question that Anfisa has changed since she stopped appearing on 90 Day Fiance. For one thing, her life took a drastic turn when Jorge got arrested. She also has made a lot of physical changes (not the kind you’re thinking of). Dare we say we are rooting for the Russian bombshell?

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10 She Got More Plastic Surgery

Anfisa has always been open about her love for plastic surgery. She admitted in previous interviews that she has had her boobs done, her nose done and botox. Recently on Instagram, she posted a photo with plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Newen but did not reveal what she had done. We assume some light touch-up work like more botox.  She did a Q&A online and answered a few questions about the work she has had done in the past. She claimed that her nose job was due to a deviated septum but she later recanted stating, “I wanted a nose job to look better because I felt like my nose was big, but that was just, I guess, a way to talk my grandmother into it by saying that,”.

9 She’s An Influencer

Anfisa is now an influencer. She received a boost in followers from being on 90 Day Fiance, but since then she has quit the show and her husband has gone to jail. So she has to be able to support herself. She has a few partnerships and she is expanding rapidly.

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Anfisa now has partnerships with FabFitFun, Muddybody Detox Clay, Teami Detox Tea, a popping YouTube channel and Pretty Little Thing amongst many others. So those of you worried about how she is supporting herself since Jorge went away, fear not. She is smart as a whip and has always found a way to make things work in her favor.

8 She’s Still With Jorge

Many may not see this as a change, but it's a huge difference compared to whatever was going on with them before. The number of times they were on the verge of completely breaking up is huge. Also, the fact that she didn’t leave him after he went to jail is kind of hardcore ride or die. No one ever saw her as a ride or die kind of girl but she has proven herself to be just that. Jorge is only serving 2.5 years behind bars, but when you are used to being with someone every minute of the day for a good couple of years, that can be hard. Plus, Jorge lied about a lot of things in order to get her to not only like him but uproot her life and move to LA.

7 She Completely Cut Herself Off From 90 Days Franchise

Usually, when a reality TV show is over or you move on from it, you still use it as a source of income. Not Anfisa. Her social media pages say nothing about her time on 90 Day Fiance. She doesn’t reference it and even in her Q&A’s, she refrains from answering questions that heavily involve the show. We don’t blame her for wanting distance. 

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It isn’t always positive when you are associated with a reality TV show. We think she has realized that there is life after reality TV and the quicker she moves on the better. Plus, she has so much to deal with, the last thing she wants to have to do is explain bad editing to a bunch of ways to enthusiastic fans.

6 She Has Developed Anxiety

Earlier this year, Anfisa took to Instagram to share her real feelings. Coupled with a post of a beautiful selfie, Anfisa admitted that she has shied away from the public eye a lot since she and Jorge quit the show. “I’ve been feeling anxious in public thinking that everybody is looking at me and judging me, I don’t post much on Instagram and YouTube because I think, ‘Who cares about what I have to say?’ or ‘That’s not something people want to see,’ or ‘I have a pimple/broken nail/(insert another little imperfection) so I won’t make a video because somebody will surely point it out.'”. Good on her for addressing it, that would make anyone anxious.

5 You Thought Her Body Was Banging Before?

It is no secret that Anfisa has been working out like crazy. She attributes her new body to her efforts to fill the void that was left when Jorge went to prison. Anfisa has received a lot of hate online about why she got “so skinny”. She shut the haters down with this. 

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“Addressing this one more time … as shocking and surprising as it may be for some of you, I’m going to compete in NPC (The National Physique Committee (NPC is the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States) in a bikini division!”. Call her out for what you want but she has been working insanely hard for this competition and she looks better than ever.

4 She Seems More Relatable

Anfisa is coming off as more direct, open and honest in her more recent posts and videos. Ever since Jorge has gone to prison, she has been more willing to be real about what is going on around her. Maybe she’s lonely, or maybe because she is no longer on the show so she has less to worry about. Maybe she is just bored! Or it could be that this is who she was the entire time, but it was clouded by all the negativity and drama from being on 90 Day Fiance. Either way, we are liking the new Anfisa, she’s refreshing.

3 She Went Back To School

90 day Fiance Anfisa Tell All

Many people don’t realize that before Anfisa left Russia to be with Jorge she was a student. The fitness model was studying accounting and vowed that once she was settled in America she would pursue her education again. During an Instagram live chat, she revealed that she is now at a local community college in Los Angeles studying Business Administration. About the school, she had this to say: “Everything is well organized, I love that you can make your own schedule and choose professors”. She believes that schools in Russia are much harder and more strict. She even has two favorite subjects; Math and Spanish.

2 She’s More Focused

Her dedication to bodybuilding has made her a more focused person. Anfisa admitted that since Jorge has gone to prison she has had a very hard time. She realized that she needed to focus her attention on something else. This included being more open about what she is feeling and putting her energy into bodybuilding. “We used to share everything with each other and since we aren’t together physically now and only get to talk to each other once a day it feels like a big part of me was taken away”. She stated that she normally does not like to show any emotions but we think it’s sometimes necessary for the healing process.

1 She’s Truly Wised Up

After her husband Jorge went to prison, Anfisa quickly realized that she would have to fend for herself. Jorge was the sole provider in their relationship and even then, he lied about how little money he had. There was a rumor floating around that Anfisa was the one who turned Jorge into the authorities in a supposed effort to make some quick cash off of the reward tip. She has since wised up and found other ways of sustaining herself while her man is behind bars. 

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