90 Day Fiance: 5 Couples That Bug Us On Pillow Talk (& 5 We Wish Were Cast)

Who do you love to hate on the 90 Day Fiance spin-off, Pillow Talk? Furthermore, who else would you rather share your Sunday night with?

90 Day Fiance is every reality TV lover's obsession. It has now spawned three spin-offs 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, and 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk. Pillow Talk allows past couples to watch the show and comment on how the couples are navigating the K-1 spousal visa process and their new surroundings as a couple that is no longer in a long-distance relationship.

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Seeing that some of these couples have the same ideas as the majority of the viewers is refreshing. We all can’t be crazy right? The only problem we have is that some of these couples do not deserve to be getting paid to comment on other people’s relationships when their relationship is in such a fragile state. Who do you love to hate on Pillow Talk? Furthermore, who else would you rather share your Sunday night with?

10 Bug Us: David & Annie

This is more so for David. After all, Annie is just a pawn in his ridiculous life. We know from watching their season of 90 Day Fiance that David was basically lazy, living off of a friend and couldn’t even afford to buy the buffaloes for Annie’s dowry.

On Pillow Talk, he doesn’t really offer up any helpful opinions and it more so looks as though he is constantly trying to make a joke out of everything in hopes of getting a spin-off like The Family Chantel. Annie is such a sweet girl who probably could have chosen a better life partner. We do, however, love that Annie cooks at her bedside. 

9 Dream Cast: Danny & Amy

Danny and Amy had to go through a lot when they were on season two of 90 Day Fiance. The couple had to deal with Danny’s father not being a fan of people of color. They also had to deal with more separation as they did not share a bed until they were married.

They have managed to triumph and now have two kids and have been married for a few years now. It would be refreshing to learn something from a couple who had real problems to overcome.

8 Bug Us: Colt & Debbie

Is anyone else sick of seeing Colt and his mother flaunting their weird relationship in our faces? Now we have to watch them on Pillow Talk weighing in on other people’s relationships? Colt couldn’t make his relationship work, we don’t know what is going on with Debbie and her significant other (if she even has one).

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It’s kind of awkward to see them on a show called Pillow Talk when "pillow talk" is in reference to the conversations that couples share in bed at night before going to sleep. How does that work here?

7 Dream Cast: Mark & Nikki

Remember mark who was damn near 60 when he married his 19-year old girlfriend Nikki then proceeded to treat her like a child. The father of already a few kids would scold Nikki on a regular basis about all things awkward like touching his car windows and leaving fingerprints and regularly comparing her to his ex-wife.

Can you imagine the things that would come out of his mouth on Pillow Talk? We would all get regularly scolded on our relaxing Sunday night when all we want to do is watch the trainwreck lives that most of the cast is living.

6 Bug Us: Kalani & Asuelu

The number of things that Asuelu doesn’t know just became more and more annoying over time. The father of now two babies seems to not know much about anything. Kalani is clearly mothering three children. We will admit that since his season debut, he has smartened up a lot, but even with all that, Kalani still has to take the time to explain things to him so he can even comment on the situation.

They aren’t the worst couple on the show, and, to be honest, we would love to see them on Happily Ever After? Or some other spin-off just so we can see how he is progressing in life. He needs a lot of guidance. 

5 Dream Cast: Kyle & Noon

Who remembers this adorable couple? When Kyle brought Noon to the United States it was probably the best thing he ever did for himself. She is so supportive and had a great head on her shoulders. Since then the couple has moved back to Thailand for a bit to help her ailing father but word on the street is they are back in the US and we would love to see them on Sundays.

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They can bring a sane take on the relationships and we kind of hold them in the same regard as Alexei and Loren.

4 Bug Us: Tarik & Dean

Tarik and Dean are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Tarik is mild-mannered but gives pretty good advice. So, the clear problem here is Dean. In addition to being opinionated to his own detriment, he is loud and very judgmental.

We all saw this when he showed up to the Philippines on Before the 90 Days season two. They offer comic relief, but we just may be too bitter about Dean’s behavior in the previous seasons isn’t something that deserves recognition, he said some pretty heinous things about Hazel, some would even say unforgivable. Plus, watching Dean constantly workout is annoying. 

3 Dream Cast: Josh & Aleksandra

This pick is a selfish one. Mostly to satisfy the curiosity of the public. Aleksandra and Josh had a huge scandal a few years ago when she gave birth to a child that clearly is not her husband. Us wanting to see them on Pillow Talk is to hopefully get more glimpses of this child and the one she had afterward.

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Also, Josh was kind of a nice guy and is truly a smart person (he’s in medical school). We would hope that Pillow Talk would parlay into Happily Ever After? So we could get the full story.

2 Bug Us: Darcey & Stacey

Thank goodness this duo is no longer on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk. Darcey is in absolutely no position to be giving anyone advice. She now has had two trainwreck relationships featured on TV so maybe she needs to go sit down somewhere.

Stacey seems less of a mess and although she is dating someone overseas its looks to be at a slower pace where they can really feel one another out. We are for certain that Darcey and her sis are not on the current season of Pillow Talk because rumors are floating around that she is filming a new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with her new Australian beau

1 Dream Cast: Jorge & Anfisa

Like them or not, Jorge and Anfisa bring the ratings. They fight like crazy but they aren’t afraid to speak their minds, especially Anfisa. She will be brutally honest and say some snarky stuff that we would turn into a meme in no time.

Jorge is kind of the same way and they are liable to let some obnoxious comments slip. The truth is, they are probably one the more honest couples that appeared on the show. Once you dig through some of their garbage, ignorant comments, and fights, of course, there are gems in there.

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