Saw VI Update: Can You Handle 9 Saws?

If you're a sick kind of demented - meaning, you like the Saw franchise - then there is some medicine on the horizon for you, if fates will have it.

Tobin Bell, the man behind the silky-smooth voice of calculated doom known as Jigsaw, was recently chatting with Bloody-Disgusting writer Jeff Otto. Bell said that if Saw VI (which opens on Oct. 23) does well enough, we'll be seeing a 7th chapter of the bloody-good franchise as well. In fact, as long as the franchise continues to turn a profit, it might go as far as a 9th movie!

Bell said that there are other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we haven't seen yet, and from what I can tell, the Saw filmmakers would love to let us in on them. Dudes (and dudettes), would that not make an awesome, head-chomping gift set for Valentines day?  A boxed set of 9 Saw movies and a dozen roses.  Nice!

When Saw first broke on the scene in 2004, I thought it was the sickest movie I had ever seen.  Insidious writing leading to insidious situations forcing people to make insidious choices.  True character merit tests.  And a surprising cast that met with my own approval because I liked Cary Elwes and Danny Glover.  Oh, so sweet!

What wonderfully twisted minds these writers had and the story lines did not require a large cast as they used tightened plot focuses to develop our sense of impending doom.

Saw was directed by James Wan.  Wan was also a co-writer with Leigh Whannell.  Did you know that Leigh played the part of Adam in the first Saw?

Saw II hit theaters in 2005 with Darren Lynn Bousman directing and co-writing with Whannell.

2006 let Saw III out of the bag with Bousman directing again.  Saw III also saw the return of James Wan co-writing with Whannell.

2007, Saw IV had a change up in writers.  Bousman brought his Saw expertise to the director's table while a couple of new writers, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, came on board and created the screenplay.

I am so going to kill my agent...  if I get out of this thing.

This writing duo of Melton and Dunstan continued on the track of destroying emotional sanity with Saw V and the upcoming Saw VI, though the two those films have different directors.  Saw V had David Hackl helming, and for the upcoming Saw VI, Kevin Greutert will direct.

Greutert comes from mainly an editorial background that has a few known titles under that part of his resume.  Donnie Darko, Armageddon and Titanic are a few of his note worthy credits.

Since Hollywood is all about remakes and such, maybe when they're done Sawing, they can make an origin film and call it "Hammer?"

How do you feel, hearing that there are plans for even more Saw than what we've seen already (a lot more than I thought they had fuel for, that's for sure)? Do you think they have drawn this franchise on too long?

Is anyone looking forward to being totally disgusted when Saw VI hits theaters on October 23, 2009?

Source:  Bloody Disgusting, IMDB

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