'9' Movie Contest - Winners!

Our contest is now closed and here are the six winners of our 9 giveaway - below are the winning captions for the image above. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners!


  1. Friday: Roxanne Briggs, Salt Lake City, Utah - "You're going to need a bigger boat." (Sorry Dan, your matching quote came in a few hours after Roxanne's)
  2. Saturday: Ken Robinson, Keyport, NJ - "Did we remember to turn off the oven."
  3. Sunday: John Yandall, Murfreesboro, TN - "My God... It's full of stars."
  4. Monday: Carlos Guerra, Guatemala City, Guatemala - "Is that what a 10 looks like?"
  5. Tuesday: Albert Ornelas, Newport Beach, CA - "That's no moon - that's a space station."
  6. Wednesday: Wesley Boutilier, Marietta, GA- "Oh no! Disney's coming, I think they're going to buy us!"

Well we haven't run a giveaway in a few weeks so I guess we're due for another one. This time we'll be giving away one limited edition book per day until Shane Aker's (and Tim Burton-produced) 9 opens on Wednesday, September 9th (9 opens on 9/9/09, get it?).

Here's what you'll have a chance to win:

The limited edition official book for 9. There will only be 999 copies of the book printed and they come in a burlap pouch resembling the material the characters in the film are made from - as well as a DVD of the original short film that inspired the movie. The book contains tons of background information on the story and lots of beautiful images from the film. Here are just a few:

This will be the fastest we've ever selected winners, we'll be updating this post daily with each new person we've selected. The contest is open to everyone, doesn't matter where you live - and here's how to enter:

Send us an email (link below) with what you think is a great caption for this image from the film:

Star Wars 9: John Boyega Feeds The Finn/Poe Shippers

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