'9' Viral Contest: How Well Can You Draw?

9-9-09 is fast approaching and the last promos for Shane Acker's '9' are being put into play...literally. We posted awhile back about the fun interactive viral site for 9, and the accompanying Facebook page for "The Scientist," the man who creates the nine living rag dolls who are the main characters of the film (hence the title).

If you are a fan of 9 and haven't checked out the film's viral sites, you should absolutely do so because they fill you in on a lot of the backstory about how nine rag dolls came to be alive, and what their purpose is.

Now there is an added incentive to take the 9 experiment: you may just win yourself a sweet prize pack.

The contest is a "Chalkboard Challenge" - Basically, you draw the best piece of artwork you can on a digital chalkboard and post the pic on 9's Facebook wall. Best artist wins the prize. Here's the official breakdown:

Begin the challenge by visiting .  When you scroll over to the chalkboard, you can participate by clicking on the piece of chalk to drawa picture. When you’re done drawing your picture, screen grab it, save it, and post your drawing to the Scientist's wall at to be entered into the Chalkboard Challenge sweepstakes to win a fabulous "9" prize pack!

There will be 9 winners, so the lucky winner could definitely be you.  However, in order to be eligible to win, you have to enter by September 9, 2009 (which is the day that "9" is released in theaters).

I don't usually recommend viral sites (not my thing) but I definitely think you should check out both viral sites for 9. They're a fun and engaging way to really get a feel for the uniquely envisioned world the film is set in (without SPOILING anything), so you'll already feel at home and familiar when you sit down in the theater to enjoy the actual movie. And hey, you might even win something to boot, so really, where's the downside?

9 is directed by creator Shane Acker, with producers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov helping things along. The film features the voices of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer and John C. Reily. It will be in theaters, as stated, on 9-9-09.

Sources: 9 Experiment & The Scientist Facebook Page

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