'9' Clip Picks Up Where Last One Left Off

We've been covering feature film adaptation of Shane Acker's Oscar-nominated short film 9 for some time now, and even though the film is being co-produced by Tim Burton (Alice In Wonderland) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted), it hasn't been generating the kind of buzz I (for one) hoped it would.

So I keep trying.

9 did have a bit of presence (including a street team of lovely ladies) at this year's Comic-Con, where attendees of the 9 panel were treated to new scenes from the film. A new clip has appeared online, and it is actually a continuation of a previous clip we posted, featuring lead characters of the film going up against a serpentine tech-monster.

At the end of the previous clip, the serpent monster had made off with one of our protagonists; this latest clip highlights the rescue attempt. Now that I think about it, these two clips are actually kind of a big SPOILER for the film - so only watch if you don't mind knowing things in advance.

Aw hell, since I love ya, here are BOTH clips from this "Battle with the Snake Beast" sequence in 9:


9 Exclusive Clip


Alright, so I know some of you are going to argue that's hard to buy the cow when they're giving away all this milk for free. But really, I suspect the filmmakers are doing all they can to push this film right about now, and a PG-13 animated film about dolls is a...unique concept to sell to the public. So if they have to show a bit extra to get you interested, so be it.

I want this film to do well so that we can continue to get some darker, unique, adult-themed animation in theaters. You know, like some anime-type stuff, only, like, "Animerican." Yeah, that sounds about right...

Anyway, 9 hits theaters on 9-9-09. If you liked what you saw in the clips, go out and support it.

Source: MTV (clip 1) & Myspace (clip 2)

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